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Everything is still covered with gold. You've got the sexiest I think I mean, as much as I love him and from Russia with love Also very hot. Conway is so sexy in this one. You know what I was thinking? What makes him so sexy? You know what it is John. It's not just that he kisses great, because I mean, he really could kiss, but he looks like he'd be good in bed. Oh, well, this is a little bit too much for me. Is that much? Yes. Trying to help you, John. Yeah, So anyway, Goldfinger is one of those really good. And he did seven bond movies, right? And the last to Ah, Really? Not great. I don't think you only live twice and never say never again. I mean there, Okay? And you get to see Conrad, you know, and he said, you know, he said, this kind of world weary best. But, boy, Gimme Goldfinger, Doctor. No. Russia was love Thunder ball so much fun. There are fund. I mean, that whole series of Konrad. I mean, everyone says he's the best bond. I love Daniel Craig. I think Daniel Craig is a second, but Nobody's like Sean Sean Connery. All right now I want you to describe the next one. Robin and Marion. Ah, yeah, well, now we're talking to a man baby. John Present. Help me no one could help you. Jesus, Mary. I know you never had a day like this. That that was unbelievable. If you can't get lucky after this movie, you can't get lucky in having a merry and from 76 is a beautiful film with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn when I asked Michelin, his his Moroccan French wife When we want Alcatraz, and I asked Mrs Connery what her favorite movie of her husband's was She definitely said right away. Robin and Marion, This is so romantic. It's just gorgeous. Robin, the older Robin Hood. He's come back. He revisits Sherwood for us, and he finds Marion lived there and she's a nun. And she's Audrey Hepburn. Ah, my God. This thing is just tender and beautiful. And Connery has a lot of strong acting to do, innit, And he's at his best in this one. It's a beautiful film. Now, the last film that you've listed A lot of others. You know, I've got a whole lot of others of you. But I did choose this, and the last one used chose. Is well, let's listen to it and you'll know immediately. It's just the two of us, Dad. It was a lonely way to grow up for you, too. If you'd been an ordinary average father, like the other guys, dads, you'd have understood that. Actually, it was a wonderful father. Did I ever tell you to eat up? Go to bed, Wash area. Still your homework? No. I respected your privacy, and I taught you shelf Reliance. What you talked me was that I was less important to you than people who'd been dead for 500 years in another country, and I learned it so well that we've hardly spoken for 20 years. You left just when you were becoming interesting. I'm here now. What you want to talk about. It's so good. It's so clever, and he's so good with these witticisms. He plays Professor Henry J. Jones, Indiana Jones, his father in Indiana Jones last crusade, and it's a Spielberg film. And it's about a father who has to be rescued The season medievalist too, as vanished, looking for what the Holy Grail, So it's just this clever father said. Reputation Airport a about so it's very lovable. Funny. You know, this kind of witticisms that kind of fall ofthis fabulous Scottish stone. Oh, that sounded off. Okay. Come on, jam. Keep moving. So anyway, it's a wonderful, wonderful. Good film. Now. I haven't had time to mention all these others on name of the Rose finding Forrester. I mean, there's just too many really good. Sean Connery movies, But the great train robbery the Russia house. There should be a Sean way. We should have a Sean Connery film festival. Well, I think people will now usually when these people pass on Like what? Olivia have one died..

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