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As we know the big main event, the alpha club versus the bullet club, the bucks of Jericho, or is it why to Jackson versus Kenny omega mardi skirl and Cody kennison big words for me what he's going to do to be on the on the cruise that we was going to swab the poop deck with my stringy hair. Chris Jericho falls in Instagram to see all that information. You don't wanna miss that also impact versus ring of honor. I I've ever Callahan versus skirl LAX versus the young bucks. I know the big ten men tag brewing can tell John Morrison, Johnny Mundo has challenged the bullet club who's going to join him. How about live? Talk? Is Jericho with Ricky the dragon steamboat. With Eddie talking about eighty Guerrero with twenty minutes through junior another with the entire bullet club, another with Jim Ross and Jerry king Lawler. How about make fully doing his twenty years of hell? Stand up show beyond the darkness scaring the pants off. You keep it at one hundred kill in the town callous versus Conan laszevski versus disco. Jim Ross, and Jerry the king Lawler live with JR and the king on the ship as well. And the first round of the ring of honor tournament has been announced bracket a lethal versus Whitmer Daniels was delirious. Sterler cystitis young versus flipped. Gordon, not flip. Wilson bracket be brisk versus for our Adam page versus kazarian cheeseburger versus beer city bruiser Jay Briscoe versus Kenny king so much going on. Like I'm telling you, I can't even name anybody. David Greco from busted opens with the live comedy, Brad Williams, Craig gas run, funches impractical jokers manually on Kelly Klein Sumi Sakai. Brandy rose are going to be there. The women of honor. We got the darlings of rock and roll the cherry bombs. They are amazing. Thing we got Noel fully. We got a so Cal Val we got the rock and roll Corey Taylor, Phil Campbell, the bastard sons Fosse's three-set special sets king the stir, the Dave Spitak projects going to be there shoot to thrill the world's best female ACDC cover band. They may or may not be joining us in Charlotte for a little bit of a jam blizzard of ozzy's going to be there so much going on some city anymore. People added who else. I've got everybody go to Chris Jericho, cruise dot com. Only seventy five cabins left. Don't get left out. Book your cabin. Now be part of history and also come from Friday speaking of history. Culkin is going to be here and he's wearing rabbit ears. He's wearing bunny ears, checking on Friday. That means mccauley's talking about being a child actor and Hollywood film home alone by still gets phone calls, the movie, my girl, he's a huge wrestling fan is fade wrestlers matches. Pay per view, who still to meet one day. He's super charismatic. Super funny MacAulay cult is going to be here with his partner, talking all about the cast and everything in between do not miss. This gives you the list baby. It's not just wrestling. It's not just walking. It's not just Hollywood. It's everything in between the low rate of heart attack. So I'm going to go in the meantime in between body stay hard. In the pig. The Westwood One podcast network.

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