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Do a little little backpedal for just a second Eric films. Joining me on the phone from the weekly standard. We're talking about his article, why is the New York Times suddenly opposed to declassifying the FIS docs? And I I was just on with Tucker. Like, I made it. I'm left of center, I go on Tucker, and we debate, and we argue, and I'm always like, I I don't like the the vitriol in politics now either. And I try and be consistent on these things. There is a legitimate reason, though, if there's a national security concern, such as revealing sources in a FIS a dock, we don't want to know the name of a for example, somebody who's giving information to the CIA or the NSA or or some method that they're using there is a reasonable. And rational reason, why certain portions of advisor doc would be redacted went there. There could be and you know, what we've seen though is a lot of the redaction that have been going on are not for such reasons things that were told over and over again that have national security implications wants the redaction is removed. Then oh, it it didn't have a big national security. After all. So for example, when redaction flight was going on over the text messages between Peter Struck and Lisa page, both at the FBI. We just I think we lost Eric signal there for a second air, Eric. I apologize. We're losing on that one. But I think I hear you. It's at the FBI. Yeah. Was was saying, well, this is national security, and it really wasn't. So what we need then as well. I don't know who that becomes the independent third party. It's actually attorneys. That you put it's usually would be from the DOJ President Trump in fact that make that determination now. Anyway, it's an excellent article in the week to a certain degree of these these folks on it's called why the New York why is the New York Times suddenly opposed to declassifying the FIS at Oxy. I wanna thank Eric Felton for his time coming on the show day really is it's an important conversation is big national security stuff that both parties want to play both sides on that. I'm never happy with. All right. So we've got China's tariffs are underwear are tariffs on Chinese goods. The fed is talking about a rate hike at a very rare time of the year, the president's pissed about it and tweeting. And I want to get to the bottom of what this really means to you. And me joining me in just a moment. Jordan Goodman, America's money answers man for one five eight hundred eighty eight ten. Embarrasment on K G L eight ten..

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