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Fine way behind on the empire podcast is we were unclear which beyond our wildest dreams as picks are giant lee on grit strong spied talk about his new movie cocoa lovely cocoa all lat unusual news a nonsense on the movie podcast it off to wonders do you have to prove your legendary status a lot of us do alapat i'm chris hewitt and welcome to the unprofor podcasts still recovering from having watched the now legendary chevy chase mike reid debacle in the flesh believe me it's everything you heard about and more anyway enough of that joining me this week or three colleagues yes three colleagues of such lethal cunning and i'll be asking heart questions of the mall mike reid style so helena hara what's your favorite of english soccer team oh i mean it's so hard to choose wait no i know the unser liverpool does correct airline weldon james donor tell me about your ancestors anyone who supported emerson love of you know everton exist this is the three think the only thing i know about football is the people who support liverpool high everton so i decided to be an everton fan okay so you must be happy with their new signing from arsenal come on you blues i did it what's the what's her nickname all the blues but what are they play all the blue place who manages them bluey okay hugh past to other excellent the correct answer of course is the toffees goodison park and sam allardyce anyway in evola nonsense you derailed the already johnny agent ally do you remember the old song from three amigos blue shadows it doesn't matter i'll play it anyway can't just kind of sing along i don't know the cords how does that sound has hyunsil for a while it was over my friend.

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