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Which is why. I have come to accept fran. Even though when i was growing up. I really didn't like it middle school would try to make. I told you this middle school is trying to make chaska happened. That didn't last love when francesca's drago chaska. My cousin did that too. I really tried to cesca ahead of race slit. I actually made myself a bracelet. That i remember. We went on a trip in middle school. Me and where are we going. I don't know where we were. But we were literally in like some gift shop and you could get the leather bracelets engraved with your name and so literally trying to push cesco so hard i got jessica and more like every day to school and nobody are holding your arnaud. Everyone was like no no no no some people did it caught on a little but never not not because if it did catch on full you'd be jessica to exact here. If it caught on enough. I would have been able to go into high school until a new school being like chaska. Yeah and hey chaska. Yeah and and i clearly did not do some people think. Are you seeing. Jessica yeah confused. Se your confused on. Yeah it's yeah. It's tough out there. We have an awesome interviews. Slash conversation with becca tilly and tanya rod from scrubbing with back tanya. They are so awesome. We have such a good time. But it's thursday and we're heading into a warm weather weekend so what. I'm doing a soon as i get home is opened up. A cors seltzer and right now. Summer is finally here. Like i said. The warm weather is coming and core seltzer. Came up with a brand new limited edition orange cream pop. It's very reminiscent of sit in on the beach on a hot summer day sitting by the pool having a nice popsicle but this time you're alcohol in the mix. It's a core seltzer orange cream. Pop hard seltzer. It's a stall gic. It gives you that feeling like you're having a pops go on the beach by the pool. But you're also drinking having a good time. And it's four point five percent alcohol and only ninety calories per twelve ounce and comes in a twelve pack every twelve pack purchase refreshes the rivers with five hundred gallons of water as well so not only. Are you drinking and having a good time..

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