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Kerry who dissect joins us live now to report from the financial district I'm standing Montgomery's three which is blocked off right now between California and in pine street here in the finance financial district this is a demonstration I'm not sure if you can hear behind me it's very loud it's taking place in front of the Brazilian consulate what they're doing now is they're they're forming at a dance and it is as actually has a lot of meaning behind it it's very secret organizer I'm trying to see if everything the four directions and the prince of the ancestors so that's what they're doing right now they're calling the call the ancestors it's quite land is being destroyed and demolished and trying to see if we can get as many people around the world to understand that when we destroy the Amazon we're just trying everything that we need on this planet of the world obviously fires still burning people here are actually forming a circle around these dancers there's lots of signs that say on indigenous relatives and no it's still going on I'm not sure exactly how long it's going to last but this is a bunch of nationwide protests happening across the country for now reporting live KCBS very much stay with KCBS we will bring you developments about those protests as we learn more about them well fire at a custodial building at Oak Grove high school in San Jose is out fire crews.

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