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All the cost to go with, owning a car is still half of what you would pay, for using an Uber to go the same amount of miles based on what you get charged per. Mile basically with, Uber sense in Texas this Texas because you're going long distance length of the community, in an urban setting maybe I don't know the. Rest of the nation might see the housing market being tipped now to buyers not what's going on here in Houston He sin is still most assuredly a seller's market broker associates Shad Balkany, says if, there's a tilt the other way it's because the properties are overpriced and. That five hundred that. Middle market I think it has slowed down a little bit but I do believe. It just depending on what price band Jiang says he's been so vast and there's so many different communities it also depends on the price point in my experience. I'm, not seeing that the skills are hitting and. That it's a buyer's, market they add two hundred and fifty thousand. Dollars and below is still a really hot market Audrey Morton. As where he has seven forty k. Terry she can also depends. On where your house, is related to flooding during Harvey yeah that would be a big part of productivity a. Lot of it it goes with how much sleep you're getting we blame more competition in a faster workplace are electronic distraction that more people just aren't getting enough sleep at Kelsey cbo's. Dr Panizzi putt knee says there's big national, economic costs because chronic sleep. Deprivation impacts worker productivity as. Well as health, the consequences go from the spectrum of, the individual person to all of it is a big problem that probably. Is going to keep getting worse until we take, a serious look at it just can't wait until I'm told By the boss better get more sleep Yes Offensive duel with the Mariners tend to seven Tyler white Martin Maldonado both homering in the. Win the team's got a one game lead now in the American League West day off before opening a three-game series with the angels in l. a..

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