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Action of rates in the months ahead. The question is whether the US economy could weaken next year, if the fed thinks that's possible. It could signal today that it expects to slow its rate increases next year. But some analysts think the momentum built up from the government's economic stimulus will keep strengthening the job market and lowering unemployment that could produce the fed to keep tightening credit to ensure the economy doesn't overheat Mike Kemp in Washington. The Conference Board says its consumer confidence index climbed a one hundred thirty eight point four in September. That was an eighteen year. Hind President Trump today set to preside over a meeting of the UN Security Council. The president will chair the session on counterproliferation where he's expected to denounce Iran's aggressive and dangerous behavior. He's able to preside over the meeting because the US is holding the current council presidency, which rotates among members on a monthly basis last week US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley predicted it's going to be the most watched security. The council meeting ever when Mr. Trump wields, the gavel is White House correspondent, Greg Clugston. Also at the UN today World Health officials will huddle to discuss Burke, yellow Sa's, which claimed one point three million lives last year. The house expected to pass on to President Trump today a big spending Bill the president last week called the Bill ridiculous because it lacks money for his border wall. Here's Republicans to get tough against Democrats who he accused of obstructing law enforcement and border security, the Bill fully funds, the military and avoids a partial government shutdown at the end of the month. But it's angered many conservatives because it includes funds for things like Planned Parenthood. That's Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes more of these stories with townhall dot com. When it comes to your pain. Many of you.

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