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Came out of no where Alexander Johnson number forty five man he he's a player when I saw a plane in the pre season I thought that he had a potential to come in and be a really good player of why some of his game film from when you play back into the seat was a three four years ago with me he's come in and really kind of taking a lot of people by storm even the team by being as physical as durable as he's been and that bit but a real plus yeah he has on both the film to me Steve talk to me about drew law you know young guy they call they say he's a gunslinger man and he's not afraid to throw the ball with if you seen in him and what is our purpose you about him yeah well he calls himself a gunslinger to so I love his confidence and in the preseason he did okay but once he went on injured reserve he really took that time seriously and and took some time those able to study the offense go through a lot of his progressions in in really just learn how to play at the professional level when he came back about it he was much better than it was in the preseason and I think really the sky's the limit for me we played a really good game couple weeks ago I guess to Houston Texas yeah I think with it we we saw all kind of the ceiling row this is feeling but we saw how he can play at a high level last week hopefully was the floor we played against the chiefs in the in a tough environment out there but I'm hoping you can fasten way above that upper echelon like he played against the Houston Texas I hope that's what everybody Broncos countries open and hopefully these last couple of games of the season to prove that so can you give me a couple of keys for this game for the Denver and the Detroit lying gang yeah well I see office of we we got a score points early most of the games that we played a fortunately like if we didn't play well the first half the second half did Mr really get any better so we got to get off to a job in the first half in in schools a point early in the visibly if Kerry has **** when we got to make sure we get their stop the run of the in the secondary.

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