Cowboys, NFL, Domestic Violence discussed on SportsCenter AllNight


A forty minute press coverage they talked about offfield issues for about thirty five of those forty minutes but jiri and the cowboys for the last few at least month have been pretty consistent the day from what they seen from the nfl which that's very ambiguous but that's what they're saying in maintaining they see no indication that there's any is there any issues or evidence to support in issue of domestic violence that being said we're back to suddenly for second 'cause you were there right yeah you're there yet did i miss something or did i hear that he was essentially saying when asked about problem guys on his roster he he gave something like this broad brush response along the lines of what was ours is like not murder or rape i could probably live with it something along those lines did he utters something like that or divi completely ms here that i uh not from my recollection of it and i didn't ask you because i had heard some other people talk about that too and it didn't seem like that would jibed yet and i were like what has has been his response when people approached him about the number of incidents that they have had far more of the cowboys than anybody else recent year oh they don't care i mean the council is the chair is especially that is it right they don't care will at the cowboys had lost more so they since 2014 they've had more players suspended they've had players they've lost more games four players due to suspensions there's no more suspensions handed down to the cowboys 2014 than any other team in the nfl and that number is going to go up because you know they have this he kelly it suspension looming they nolan carol a corner that they got signed over from the eagle's was arrested this offseason for you why he could potentially face a suspension there you have other potential issues damien wilson as a promising linebacker was arrested with the just aggravated sell the.

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