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I'm going to try to talk about this issue. We had spoken a few minutes ago, you were mentioning the scenario involving a grieving parents are grieving child and then -ticipant. This is a note that I had had I wanted to talk about it. There's no totally smooth segue into the role of Donald Margallo's from breaking bad. But I wanna talk about playing Jane's father. This is an interesting role that you had because breaking bad being probably my favorite TV show ever. And you have you know, this one part the sort of punctuation Mark here in this one story line, and it left such an impact. And I think for me I wanted to sorta roll this by you. And you tell me if I'm over thinking. But with that character, it seemed like you had done so much with restraint. I mean, you're you're essentially with your eyes and the faintest of gestures with this Konami of movement with the gravitas in your voice, you are telling the story of your hopes and fears for your daughter and the heartbreak of losing her. And I was just I wanted to kind of go down that road and talk about the making of and the playing of the character of Donald and breaking bad well before I get into just the technique of what the obstacles were. And what have you let me tell you something about that? Which I've always found to be just wonderful. And what it is that theater? I'm calling this theater storytelling can do. And that is that I've had now three or four times almost identical conversations with three or four people who've come up to me, just, you know, at an airport or convention somewhere or on the street, and it's always. The same. It's a it's a guy who is maybe about twenty four or five years old. Looks like they've already been living really hard. And we'll look at me kind of scans not directly in the I kind of you know, just. Yeah. And and they'll say. Hey, man, are you Jane's father? Did you play Jane's fonder, I go? Yeah. Then they'll say, yeah. Yeah. Well, now, I know what my parents went through. I just thought oh this kid who you know, who knows when he became a drug addict, I had been told by his friends, his teachers, and you know, million other people there are a ton of other people probably also the police, and they rehab people and on and on you can't do this. You gotta stop, you know, had not really gotten it. But in watching the pain of watching on a show, a theater piece, a, you know, something imaginary hat, the the pain of that that I was portraying had gotten through to him. And I I've always gone. That's why I'm in this business every once in a while you can touch somebody like that. So how do you tap into that? I mean, are you drawing on a tragedy in your own life? Well, what you cap into. To is that first of all you have to stay out of your way, that's one. The other thing is is that the desire to act can be sort of overwhelming. And what you have to do you have to say, listen, I just need to stay out of the way John needs to stay out. If a out of the way because the writing is so good that the story is being told, and I don't need to tell the story I need to be in the story as opposed to, you know, and I'll use another example, let's say you're on the stage and one needs to make sure that the people in the back row understand the story and understand your urine through the story of the characters journey through the story. So you have to sort of project and film. It's very different. I don't need to project. I just need to get out of the way. So that the camera can come in and look. So most of the time I'm just thinking, that's all I'm just thinking. And again, if freely good, I forget, I think it was in three episodes. They were usually well written and really well directed and just on on the set sort of story about that. And that is when you walk on the set, you know, what's going on pretty quickly. What have you, and I've been on a few sets that, you know, oh, this is a special show west weighing and and and actually Star Trek is one of those things, and it certainly breaking bad..

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