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They can Put put together for that. But that's paki out got knocked out by marquette's they fought what four times five times whatever was and everytime they thought it was life and death it all. Some people thought that marquess could got one or two of those decisions baggio. I've got a little bit of but in this one it didn't go to. The judges is a perfect trap. Set by the great mark as it is a great fighter. He took a little step back. Invited pack yao in bad gal. Got a little overzealous speed red light. He came in a little too fast the little reckless aggression at bang. He got caught with a right hand. Good night good night doesn't happen often. Degrade fighters had added to pack yao. If you look at that. That's a little bit similar. I think to good what we're talking about where you entice offense and on that one can wear marquez aidan. He didn't just cash he settled is slipped over like he was gonna slip over at froze up the left side bone and he dropped the right hand and caught him coming in. And as i said when you catch a guy with a punch they don't say the lights go out and the lights went out on a great podcasts. A little similar for me a little similar to the history of that fight would good Scoring to knock out the other night. And like i said a few years ago with the great knockout that mark has the great monk has scored over the great pack. Yao of anybody. If we don't put it up on those guys could go find it actually. Speaking of pack yeah. It's shocking me that he's had the career he had after that nocco because correct me. If i'm wrong but when a guy that who's already he was older at the time and gets knocked out like starch as a board like a real reply. Thought i thought like a roy jones on mike. He's never going to be the same you. Just you can only take so much pounding in the head. Then he comes back and he's got to win over thermes he's fight spence it's shocking..

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