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The habsburg archduke was assassinated in sarajevo in revenge. Austria declared war on serbia igniting world war. One austria was on the losing side when the dust finally settled the habsburgs were deposed and their empire was dismembered by the victors. The war left austria as small landlocked nation in vienna as an imperial city without an empire. A head without a body. For what happens next. Make your way along the right side of the church in the square to the right of the church stands placards with black and white photos in nineteen thirty eight. Hitler and nazi germany forcibly annexed now powerless austria leading into world. War two. The photos clearly show the war's destruction vienna bombs destroyed. Nearly a quarter of the city's buildings. At war's end the city was a mess like berlin. It was divided into occupied zones. Austria was declared neutral forbidden. Join either nato or the soviet union's warsaw-pact it became a kind of no man's land between east and west battleground of espionage through the cold war but slowly. The city rebuilt the churches colorful power roof though medieval style actually dates from the nineteen fifties. Vienna's ubon system was expanded in the nineteen seventies stephens. Plots was completely modernized. The modern glass building that faces saint stephen's dates from nineteen ninety. The building brings vienna's history full circle. It's curved facade. Echoes the shape of the ancient roman fortress which stood here two thousand years ago and notice. How the glass catches the reflection of saint stephen's blending the old and the new. It's a great photo op. Finally look around the square at the viennese people of today vienna's population is one point. Eight million and falling. The average viennese mother has only one point. Three children and dogs are the preferred child for many young professionals one. In every five. Austrians calls vienna home. The truly viennese person is an ethnic mix a habsburg cocktail many of their grandparents came from the eastern countries of the former empire hungary the czech republic slovakia. And so on. Today's vienna is certainly modern but compared with most big cities. The pace of life here is slow. After two thousand years of turbulent history vienna has settled down into a sleepy pleasant place where culture is still king..

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