Valerie Plame, Vp Dick Cheney, Perjury discussed on The Dana Show


Because valerie plame they acted like she was lara croft valerie plame and she wasn't she was like this pencil pusher but anyway they decided oh my gosh someone leaked her very valuable identity nobody cared how similar leaked her identity and they ended up being this big thing she used it to get what did she do like a shoot for vanity fair where her and her husband the dude who wrote the thing about uranium in africa they got into this they they did this whole thing where they acted like they were grace kelly and to catch a thief and they did this whole convertible shoot for vanity fair and anyway the the person who ended up getting blamed for it was scooter libby they were saying that scooter libby he worked he had advised former vp dick cheney and he got in back in two thousand seven he was convicted of perjury he got four or felony convictions for perjury before a grand jury lined fbi investigators obstruction of justice investigation into the work of valerie plame wilson joe wilson's her husband cia officer and w commuted his sentence he got thirty month sentence but he wouldn't give him a full pardon and so trump then just trump has pardoned him so he's pardoned him and even though it was richard armitage who was the he was working with colin powell he was the guy that leaked it but it was scooter libby that ended up taking the hit for it and so now one of the analyses that i've seen of this and i don't know if i agree with it or not because this is really like getting into the weeds in terms of strategy but i've seen it argued that this is a shot across bob muller's bow.

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