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That's someone else a sleeping bag and you're going to destroy and the thing like with, like a mattress or even a sofa pillow, you can kind of blot it up, and thrown it over unless you flipped over there before case, your, your urine on the other side. Over my best friends, they were identical twins, Lori enemy Martin. They knew I with the bed, so it's like leapt over and I really like they made sure I didn't drink after six or whatever I'm in my sleeping bag. I wake up extra early and I totally wet and so but I know I was so scared. I didn't want them to tell her parents, rose. So I flipped it over and then pretend to go back to sleep, and then we woke up and I was like, oh my God, I wet but I went up, so it's okay, it's so weird. Like they just shame that kids have and all kids, have this. I mean, a certain amount of it is healthy. I don't know if kids today are like this. I feel like they would get any like, like you said, you wet the bed they'd be like fuck you old man. I should sue you or something, right? I remember like. Seeing Jamie's kids and, and how free they were in like, Kevin like I think shit his pants or something. And in, like instead of it being horrifying. He was like, telling his friends and laughing about it, and it was like a joke, and I was like, God, I wish that's what child hood was like, like where it's like it's no big deal. You know, like he's like bragging outages friends, because it's funny Kevin just loves being funny, but, like it wasn't a terrifying. Shame. I mean, now maybe he'll be mad at me know what are the gyms as he listens to this, if he did he probably shit on his ipod years ago. You'll find the dial. But I mean just that they're so free and comfortable, you know, I know where you're like, I remember, you know, you have these little, I guess it's called the shitty childhood, but you as an adult you have these snapshots where you just look back at yourself at that moment, and you go. Wow. What the fuck I say with the wiz on everyone stuff. Just crazy. Shame. But here's a weird one. It sounds like nothing. But it just it all these things that sound like nothing are just little glimpses into where you were at emotionally. I was over at David Bendix house. And David Venditti had a dad, that was like the scary dad. We all have the friends that had the scary dad, I got God willing. I'll be the scary dad one day. Scary everything else. But there was a friends ears, it had like the scary dad, like there was, there was drunk, dad. There was the distracted dad. There was a super cool that he's the one that's going to drive and you can watch concert, and he's gonna wait outside in the parking lot, and that kind of stuff, and then there was scary, and David Vendex's dad was scared ad. I'm sure it wasn't a bad guy. But he just would come home, and then a big mustache, and big hairy forearms, and he'd do a lot of you know, what's going on where, you know, who's car bikes out, you know, like that God and one day he got a band badminton set. And, and we're just hitting the shuttlecock over the thing, and I was holding when it was, by the way, it was one of these things where the net the birdies or the shuttlecocks four rackets, the whole thing was like nine ninety five and he set it up and your backyard, little Tim polls, the net and everyone gets cheap pizza shit. Low rack whacking stuff back and. Forth..

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