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Michael. You love shack. Oh love you cannot put him ahead of korean. No no shock wouldn't do that either. Even he has enough respect to say he's <hes> next to korean and my my purpose is not to disrespect kareem. It literally is i. I would say a player that even when i look back she'll type magic's my favorite player that i've ever watched right. I don't think there's enough pablo corinne because if there was it would be different because as thirty six year old i know kareem was one of the greatest ever do it but in my era watching shack i thought shack was the most dominating player that ever saw you didn't see colfax. Would you say he's the greatest lefty the dodgers ever the hat so how do you. How do you say that you weren't around colfax but didn't understand his history yeah but you cannot compare what i'm talking shocking and kareem. You're talking about two. I love the most dominating players to ever so fair kershaw. One kershaw doesn't have one cannot go down as dan marino and charles barkley and calm on low night with those players that never but alan. Here's here's another argument for kareem that i don't think you're figuring into the equation. Kareem was the best high school. We'll player ever not even close the best college player variety sixty seven and two in college and we're just talking laker time because i cannot but here's the thing i mean the championships john wooden and u._c._l._a. So before they both got the lakers they were very haired both number one overall n._b._a. Hey drafi yes. Then kareem comes into the n._b._a. And by any measure by any statistical measure offensively defensively of league all star appearances all defense appearances finals you name it kareem has more than check every single way you look at what he doesn't have have the ones that he doesn't have. He's got the five n._b._a. Championships. You said that he was the second best player on that. In that showtime era i would argue that both those players were invaluable invaluable and post-shave kobe needed both both cream and magic needed course what what title that koby until he got dwayne wade the one one one thing shack does have in that era is those three finals m._v._p.'s would which would tell me that he was obviously the best player on that team during that back to back to back championship kinship that doesn't make the argument that it's all said and done. Kareem is the second best center any of that stuff but i think you could stand here and make legitimate argument. That shack was the the best center. Obviously i'm not gonna say one of the centers because we already know that you do. We'll chamber wilt chamberlain naming there but he can't really even be in that argument for his tenure as a laker one one championship one finals m._v._p. Only played five years and if you look at shack verse kareem twenty-seven points a game to twenty two points a game twelve rebounds tonight and a half statistically weekly shack wins but they're six more years. Karim played as the los angeles lakers game shack sheck took the lakers to the finals four out of five years yeah yeah and one three of them. Kareem took the lakers to the finals eight times one one five. I mean by any whatever you compare that does that compare to mean that if if shack would have had fourteen years with the los angeles lakers had more trips. I can't make that argument. Michael thinks that michaelson nicholson shaq and kobe would have stayed together they would've they would've won. Multiple more longer shock was motivated. I always thought this. This is the thing that i always thought when you look at when you look at that showtime era if you think magic was the best player at that time and look. I wasn't even born yet but in one thousand nine hundred eighty when kareem went down with the injury lakers go to philadelphia adelphia win game six in agile johnson's rookie year and you're right. It's one game anybody can win one game but i thought magic was the best during that timeframe <hes> in the eighty s i look at shack in that that obviously that three pete for the lakers and making it to the championship four to five years the bottom line is during that stage age..

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