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To where I think Saint Louis had been on a roll. And and and it was a they were different team to play the biggest strong team that the checked and play blow the goal lines. And I think it helped us grow. A group as well to play in those type of games. But it was that was a fun one. You'll both always put on a show and goes right down to the end over time. And but as much as a team, we found it a lot of ourselves are in that stretch there, and and it was not too long after that. I think we went on quite a win streak. And I think learning from that game was really good for us. And they're gonna have to find a way to solve Bennington. He's eleven one with a one point five eight goals against in a nine forty three. Save percentage in two shutouts against Eastern Conference team this year. He's also nineteen four one is a starter. After getting the five two win over the Red Wings Thursday night. He's been dynamite for the blues. And a big reason why the team is in playoff contention. Now, the blues also we're getting healthy at the right time. And Jim Thomas from the Saint Louis post dispatch told me on lighting powerplay live earlier tonight health is another reason why this team is it a pretty good spots with the exception of having a couple of guys banged up on defense healthiest has ever been up front. They don't have obviously and who does the top and talented depths of top in Tampa Bay. But their top four scores this year of a chair Cinco Ryan during Shannon. David Theron until two games ago. They had not had all forward. I those guys together since January seventeenth and. They're just a different team. When those guys in twenty four games with a concussion San was out for six care, Cinco was also five. But now they're all back together. Roland since piranhas return to the lineup. So that it's five goals a game Peron's just as this'll consistent back tonight. Also, keep an eye out for Saint Louis is back end. They'd like to join the rush they can score goals and make some place back there. So that's something the forwards on Tampa Bay's team will have to be aware of when we start talking about that transition play especially in the neutral zone. I we're taking an inside look at tonight's game. Thanks the Tampa Bay times. Get more than the score from the tip bay times. In prince an online subscribed today at Tampa Bay dot com. Nikita kucherov has scored a goal and four of his last five games versus Saint Louis. How about Andrei vasilevskiy never lost in regulation in his career versus the blues going three on one with a nine forty six. Save percentage and a one point six eight goals against average. Couple of blues to keep an eye on tonight. Rhino rally has seven points in his last seven games, goals, five assists, and flat Tarasenko. He's got ten points in eleven career games against the lightning seven goals, three assists time now to take a.

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