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Like just negotiating tactic the Chinese vice premier in charge of the economy is scheduled to visit DC Thursday. It will be the eleventh round of trade talks. We're still working on that issue on the six. Oh, five Los Alamitos on the six five south after catella before you get to the four or five still have accident activity here in the carpool in the left lane had to wait for to trucks because neither one of these cars could move on their own. So you still have those lanes blocked and traffic is backed up to Carson street. Not as heavy as it was though. So that's good news. Santa Clarita on the fourteenth south before golden valley crash cleared here to the right shoulder is going to be stop and go for you from sand. Canyon KFI in the sky. Sponsored by injury attorneys superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff bond with trouble on the ten new bet, you always something in thank you for taking us alone for the right here. But here we go westbound ten other figured out. It's LA's freak before, you know, the one ten that's the resale right in the middle of the freeway everything coming into these Selena change that leads you to the west is slower than should be devour and kind of a long plane from if you just joining us now going north one ten harbor freeway transition to the west one five towards Elliott's the left lane of that trans. Mission still blocked overturn concrete mixture, they're gonna write it at some point. You can get through in the right lane right now. But it's slow going through injured in an accident is superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff KFI in the sky and pass on the fifteenth. Southbound just after highway one thirty eight injury wreck there made it to the right shoulder. Expect that delay from US 395. You see something you can call us, and let us know the route seventy time traffic line is eight five hundred five thousand three KFI in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm.

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