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Boyfriend. And i just cried like no. They have the same concept. Like i can't even. I shouldn't do it but i ended up talking to the guy who ran and Yet like it's a little bit similar but it's different and there's a good market like a good network. Yeah absolutely yeah. It's it's just cool to hear about other like it's awesome to hear your story and toss them to hear about their story and is really cool. Do you have anything else. You'd like to cover with the podcast. I know that's i think we got to the heart of it. I i really do though. I hope that people listen to it. And listen to to kind of connect with other people's experiences here in the city I think that each story is so different. One thing that i wanted to do with this season specifically since it's the first one is defined people that live in the different parts of wichita like if you if you grow up here you know that like if you live on the west side you never go to the east side live on the east side go anywhere else really so right and so like it can be so easy to get caught up in your neighborhood into get away in a way and never really find people from different places here even though it's only like twelve it's i don't outside interrupt. Yeah i was just telling somebody else's thing. I love about which i was like. You can get to the other side of town in fifteen minutes but i never go to the other side of town so right and what's funny enough. I grew up on the north side. But now i live all the way out west Because i moved out here for my first job. When i was working at an elementary school and like this is the most i've ever travelled throughout wichita like like when you leave and you come back you learn like i can explore more places than just where i live. I just want people to to do that. In learn about the people live around them and really make our city. Some place they want. Be even if it's not a place they wanna be forever.

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