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It. It wasn't out of the blue because in in the same year, as you know, the Red Sox fired their manager, John Farrell, you know, they finished first, they lost in the playoffs, right? As is one thing too about the Yankees, et cetera. In nowadays, you know, the regular season spine, but boys what you do in the playoffs. There count. That's what that's your legacy. That's what you for. You'll be remembered anyway that Washington fired dusty Baker, and he got him finished. I got him into the playoffs and the Enke's is fire Girardi. And I just think they felt which is always a danger for every coach or baseball manager that their voice isn't being listened to any more. Heard the same same voice for so long, and they figured that this was the time and. IRA Boone is a very, very good dog. He's very low key breezy going and as done a good job, but it'll be view just like Cora. We'll be viewed about what they do in the playoffs. Well, no question about that. You know, it's a, it's a win at all costs business. Like you said, you know, Terry Francona won two World Series in Boston when they had won one years, whatever the case may be. And then they. And you said he was a friend of yours? Yeah, he's a friend of mine too. He is really a good guy, had a terrific manager. Terrific back. And then they go and listen. This isn't working anymore. You think they ought to build a statue to him outside Fenway park, but I get it. You know, that's the way it is. That's the world of of professional sports. From your vantage point the the difference, not that one's better. Believe me. I'm not sitting waiting that one's better the difference in the way Aaron Boone who by the way I saw him his brothers get a catch with Pete Rose. When they were youngsters at veterans stadium, when their dad was the catcher, Phil Ryan dry. Right? The difference between the way he does his job day to day and the way Joe did it. I think Boone is more personal has more contract on an individual basis, and he's a little more open. Joe Girardi was little close, always a little fearful of what the press would find out where the broadcast would find out. So you know, one thing is really true and you can do this in any sport in New York. Part of the job is a very distasteful. Part of the job is interacting with the media and and so that's, that's that's a big piece. Now, it doesn't matter if you win nothing about is if you win, but if you don't win, it does matter. And if they don't like you, they're gonna be on you, then they get the fans to be on you. So you know, it's very tough to criticize Boone. He's such a nice guy. It's such an easy going guy, but if he doesn't win it, don't worry. It'll be criticized. You know, you would think that. Someone like Willis Reed, but you know what a hero, I'm right, and you know what? It didn't matter when he started coaching the Knicks and they'd lose. He got it just like like every other. Yeah. Yeah. That's it. Yeah. So no question, No question. As they say, a results oriented business. Well. Pledge you went in that direction. Speaking of criticisms. You know, for a guy who's kind of like a staple your like an institution in in the Yankee fans, you know, generation two generations at least have grown up. You're the voice of the aunties and yet there's a segment out there that can't wait to criticize you. Right. What's obviously, you know, you're part of the media so you, you know this better than anybody, but how do you, how does a person deal with with that kind of that kind of feedback when you know, hey, I'm really, really good at my job. Well, I first of all, we all have likes and dislikes. I do very strong likes and dislikes. So if someone knocked me in the in the newspaper, which certainly has happened. So you know, I I kind of accepted now then when I this is my thirtieth the end of my thirtieth year with the Yankees. So if some guy, there's one in particular to who is knocked me over the years..

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