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Great to have you welcome it is the joe pags show every once in a while you get somebody who doesn't understand that it is a radio show and the radio show is is of course meant to entertain and have fun and have a good time every once in a while because we're on newsmax as well we love you on television i get it the format that you used to on television as you come out and say do it's it's it's interesting we don't do that we don't come out and just hit the news right upside your head it's a three hour show we sort of we plan out things that we're going to do it i do get it bill i got a guy david who's a great guy probably watching on television who says you know less entertainment and joke with kerry more meat well that is the meat of an entertaining radio show and i get that it translating into television ninety nine percent understand it but i think those who are new to it say this isn't certain sort of the format that a tv show would take i get it david but at the same time stick around to understand while the relationship is is an important part of why the show is so successful talking about that look back to more phone calls in a second in about ten minutes into the movie cameras reform it's it's emily hall narrow get really say meet after seeing my picture now you you've seen the picture yeah hold on post let me let me stop you right now you're done i'll be giving i'll be giving charity a call here tonight bailable to work in the mornings anymore yeah i did get the picture she badgered me in descending the picture without i'm not gonna ask you what my body looks like that would be gross what i'm saying is it would be wrong to post that picture right i would say yes yeah really can i just say this it's an extra large no that can't be carrying accident oh wow it is a small one medium but wow okay okay medium my dad the little now now now look what's that is it a youth extralarge it's a yes girls extralarge thanks it's it's a men's extra large it's actually the same size he wears on the show wow i missed a little bit larger he's taller than i am but i'm a little a little bit bigger yeah so and again i'm not i'm not here to say mr muscle guy i'm not here to say i'm mr fat guy i'm just saying i i require to xl you do that would holler though i do love the color of that is another great color i wish that your bigger i would wear it out and about i really would that was my message to you as hey weren't on the show tomorrow and all your lovely lady gaga i not worrying about the show because as many of the ladies might say hey nice job you're in shape the guys would hate on me so much yeah you've seen the guys oughta hey free hate is is real his real you go back to the phone lines 'cause david wants the meet let me go back to the meat and that's going to be again peter struck today in front of the the joint committee of the house of representatives you had the judiciary committee and the oversight committee and the right was not taking any prisoners the left was actually acting like the defense attorney for peter struck this guy's arrogance and his his thought process i believe that he would walk in and he would somehow dominate the hearing really blew up in his face was not a smart move by this guy let me go to the phone lines and see what you thought about all of it i really do hope i get somebody who disagrees with me it's lose in san antonio lewis going on hello lou so you wouldn't get to the meat fast enough man no ticked off to back to it chuck online chuck what's going on hi.

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