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Yeah. It's great to hear you talk about your door that way too. Because I think one of the big misconceptions about fatherhood is that becoming a dad ruins your life. And it's the end of the world and just through the pop culture, the way dads are always portrayed as being down out younger guys. Get this wrong idea of what fatherhood and family life, really all about. And that's why it's important for them to hear the testimony about fatherhood from so many successful people like yourself. Absolutely. I mean, I truly believe in. But the best thing I've ever done and hope to do it again here at some point. And it's just it puts everything in perspective. And and to be honest with you having a daughter, especially, you know, the the way I go about my life and the things that I do. That doesn't choices the decisions that I make you know, my wife is extremely strong independent woman. And the way I look at things now is through the lens of of my daughters is because you know, if I were to to mess up, you know, do something stupid my wife, she'll be fine. You know, she'll she'll go on and live great life and find somebody else. But I look at every decision I make now the lens of my daughters. You know, what's what's my daughter? Gonna think if she finds out that I did this. And it's a. An extremely powerful way to the world. And and honestly has been has been a very big source of strength for me and looking at the world that way in super super proud of that. And and it was probably a a surprise. I in in that perspective. But man, it's been it's been a powerful part of a life. Yeah. Very well said Tyler please take a into here. Just a hit my listeners with a little bit about your background. And what you do. Sure, I'm an ordinary guy trying to extrordinary things by putting in the extra. And so for me that extra just work just putting in more work than the average person and my life really as far as the story got started about four and a half years ago when I found myself, we're in debt depressed, I'd been through a failed marriage failed business and finally had one of those take ownership moments. One of those. Look yourself in the mirror and realize that hey, you are exactly where you are because of the decisions, and and things that you have done in your life, and at that point decided to what I call wage war on personal change. It wasn't just a, hey, I want to become a better version of myself, or you know, let's get into some self development. I completely waged war and became a different person from the inside out and during that time, some mentors come into my life, and I got into business with them and over the course of the next four and a half years. Everything changed never that twelve months when from being flat broke two making over three hundred grand and commissions told months later reformed fifty or sixty twelve months became one of the owners of our insurance.

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