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After the one run it scored he walked in the fourth inning hit a fly ball to left in the six one four two takes offense will very high judo now did not had any hits in this World Series until that second inning RBI triple Blanco on deck three the three the score at nine ten AM Werner tomorrow Barry Zito for the giants if there's a game five to an open swing in a foul back out of twenty chase the high fastball it might've been out of the strike zone it's two one one he was on it speed wise he's got it done two one one the count so if your coke what does that tell you federal breakable Kok the lefty sense the two in one page another fastball fouled straight back to the screen sizes three back he's got the time the leaders body all is lower body is completely off balance recently that's the powers not to be able you're here one right at the bell the branded belt and it's two two but it fell right back to the backs down he's got this to to Kalisto sliders it's set up his co ready delivers and there's this matter a check swing and appeal denied by Joe west the third base umpire I I beg your pardon Gerry Davis third base tonight I think they do for a moment I thought I could have sworn that was the blue cowboy with the the cowboys it's second today Jerry Davis acquiring a third they could easily exchange their uniforms one to the other without a problem three two page to see Strachan another fastball there it is the eleventh strikeout by the Tigers pitching tonight.

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