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Mercedes Benz of Westwood cargurus top rated dealer for twenty nineteen makes driving a new Mercedes Benz fast and simple I'm David Rosenberg CEO of the prime motive crime practices full price transparency because when you know all the pricing data up front your in control you're already in the driver's seat shop with confidence thanks to Mercedes Benz of west was transparent pricing on over seven hundred new Mercedes Benz like the all new twenty nineteen Mercedes Benz C. three hundred four matic for the all new twenty nineteen Mercedes Benz GLC four hundred four matic don't miss the Mercedes Benz summer event at Mercedes Benz of Westwood a proud member fine motor groups Westwood collection on the auto mile we're driving a Mercedes Benz is fast there is a simple shop at the Westwood dot com that's M. B. westwards dot com banks can afford to offer you business as usual that's whether big right with beyond business banking from Norwood bank we provide a much higher level of customer care and service because like you our reputation rides on every relationship that's why you'll work with experienced business bankers with knowledge of the local market their reputation spine bracing challenge you know what it takes for you to invest in yourself that's how we invest in you for us it's never business as usual we're more Norwood bank dot com slash business it doesn't feel stress these days but did you know stress can have a devastating effect on your health this is Diane stern in a special online section the experts at tufts Medical Center talk about the impact of stress on our hearts our minds and our bodies learn five tips to reduce stress at work plus ways parents can help their children when they feel overwhelmed also the surprising link between stress hormones and wrinkles managing stress now at WBZ ten.

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