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Boo. Yeah. I got to see him. How else do you not? Why don't you react like that when I walk in the room? Look, Nick. Boomer. Yeah. I never heard Bill so animated. I know. The funniest thing. How excited he was. See Chris Burton? There is a meeting later today. Once again, I am not reporting that it's going to happen. I'm going to tell you it may happen that they would vote these are the board of managers. They're going to get together and they're going to talk about maybe maybe expanding the playoffs and maybe trying to push this up to 2024. Yes. They may break a contract. Oh my God. So that's what they may vote on today. Don't want to get it caught that I'm saying and reporting here. I want to let the college insiders do that job. Yes, Paul. So it's 11 college presidents meeting and they might have to be unanimous vote. And by the way, I looked at they have a buy of all the college presidents, lots of bow ties in the pictures. Big bow tie group, college presidents. Huge bow Tiger. Except for the priest. Oh, he's got a collar. Yeah, reverend John Jenkins. He's got to go to college. We'll get to phone call. What's the poll question today, seat on this meet Friday? We got a few options here for you. College football playoff will expand in 2024, 2025, 2026 or our dreams. If they break the contract, but you can't do. Apparently. There's a contract. I don't know if they're going to approve this unanimously. I'm going to guess that this is still going to be on hold. You know, maybe they split the difference that maybe it comes in 2025. But I don't know why you'd vote against this. Unless, and I heard from a source, yes, I did. And he said, hey, if all of these conferences, these commissioners get together, and you're going to guarantee if you win your conference, no matter what that conference is, that you're on a certain level here with everybody. Then you get a bid into the playoffs. If you do that, then you'll get a unanimous vote. Now, I was told that the SEC is like, why can't we get 5 teams of the 12? Because if you let everybody, when you win your conference, you get in, you know, then the SEC might go, well, we don't want that. We have the best conference in America. Why shouldn't we be able to get 5 or 6 teams out of 12, or if you expand a 16? And I was told 12 is more likely, started 12, then you expand to 16. But that vote may happen later today. Be

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