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Negative 10 run corner outfielder there's a reason why he dh is he also would say less healthy so if you figure he's probably like a negative fifteen or negative twenty run defensive outfielder than that's why he would be worse out there so if he were forced to play the corner outfield i dunno over a third of a season or so then that would be costing the mariners it'll be causing cruises value i dunno let's let's even call it five runs maybe he gets more tired baby is just less good of a hitter maybe he is more likely to get injured so let's say that did would make crews about five runs worse than you are i mean what's what's the alternative latinos counterfactual the right word here it's otani at the asian cruise in the outfield as opposed to cruise at dha and on an oak kiera heredia or something in the outfield and crews might even still be better than heredia so maybe it's not so bad but you would have a tiny a dh for roughly a third of the game so i don't know i don't know the final equation here to figure out exactly what a county would have to be to do to be worth it you would want him to be you know something like an average hit or just to make him worth planes the dh in the ah in the first place but from the mariners perspective they would probably just look at this as well this is just the cost of doing business otani is so good that we are going to accept this relatively minor drawback as a shortterm consequence of having him on the team so the mariners probably wouldn't threat too much and they would take care to limit cruises outfield exposure so i realize i have not directly gotten to an answer to the question put of set a lot of words yeah that they were get where it's i agree with the words i don't.

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