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Would win every time mac with winning team on decay are more than likely they lost a few and he never lost and quite frankly texas fans they will they won't be satisfied unless you get this first two games or blowouts sits fit sad the way it is but they will not be satisfied disagree i disagree being a longtime longhorn band if texas beach maryland by point epi but texas tech actually to late texas beach tulsa texas fans are used to those first games being what they call tuneup games yeah when they play a rice they play a southern florida one of these you know grade c teams watch what you say about those teams in florida now because all those teams are pretty good florida they have gotten good expect not just wins they expect handled wins in days gone by in mack brown years the maryland and tulsa game would be gimmes if it should have been a guinea last year for maryland i i know they give scholarships to but listen it's maryland it's taxes it's not texas so also before we go to break we've got to tell you that big retirement in the world and nfl former cowboy demarco murray demarco murray only thirty years old former sooner former sooner only thirty years old how long ago was he was player of the year it was three years ago three years out only a seven year career wow that is becoming the new trend amongst nfl running backs in it's a sad trend your thoughts on demarco murray retiring also your final record for the texas longhorns i'd say eight and four ben says nine three alright we'd like to hear from you six fifteen traffic time heavy traffic on i thirty five but it's not as bad as it was yesterday as you go through the central city in the north and southbound lanes of i thirty five looking at mo pack heavy traffic southbound lanes a bit heavy traffic at parts in the northbound especially near anderson anderson lane far west also one eighty three heavy traffic around the mo pack and loop three sixty area that's traffic i'm ed.

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