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Morning, Everybody live from Miles Rubio. In his new house on everybody else. Apparently, he's asleep. That's what we've learned this morning is Rubio. I'm not sure this was your understanding. But except for the people like Shelly is recovering from the Verona. So is Kale and fine. You know, I understand like you won't ever want to get better and Come back to the show healthy and rested. Whatever. But you know Jason Brown Boner Boner. He's he's awake. He's working on the show, and he's working on the radio station, and I guess I just expected When we called little Polina You know that because she's so upset that she can't get on the air this week that I just figured she'd be at home. Just, you know, working away, right? Say like She hit me up and was like, you know, she was trying. She was trying to come over to my house, You know, be on the radio and like, no, I don't think so. Like this is this That's not what quarantine means right now, so Yeah, we're all supposed to shelter in place or whatever and not, you know, exposed one another, but she just She just can't She cannot be on the radio, and then we call her this morning only to find that she's not even awake. She's asleep. Didn't answer the phone. 00 Morning, Princess. How are you? Oh, wow, I'm good. It's funny, because, you know, all week you've been even text Jang Rufina and me and you've been you've been trying to come up with ways to get yourself on the radio. And then we called to check on you this morning and someone was getting her beauty. Sleep in the middle of the programme is actually your house. You didn't see the kind of break ins Um, no. I actually told there's a picture of you downstairs and I told them never to allow you in the building where you go that long. Trust me. There's a whole binder of people are no longer allowed in the building. And it's Paulina. We expected you to be up hard at work. And you have yours. Your cause. Sleeping. This is unbelievable. Oh, no. But one day my big break. You know, today was your day and you Instead you decided to sleep instead.

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