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ESPN would say no and prevent herb street from doing the game? I don't understand. There's no competition. ESPN had the game on Monday night. This was on Saturday night. I think it's bizarre that herb street does the game the whole season on Amazon and then he's not there for the playoffs. Now NBC said they wanted to make it an all NBC broadcast, but Kaley hartung was on the sidelines. There's not an NBC employee. So I think I don't think Al was probably, I think Al was fine with Dungey, but I think I'll probably one that I have his regular partner there. I don't think Al likes to just have people coming in for one game. He also probably felt a I don't almost annoyed with the whole season, but like you said, he never wanted to leave NBC to begin with. So he gets essentially put it. He's got to deal with the crap teams with Thursday Night Football. Then even when you come back, you're still not he's now Michaels and he's not on the number one team and he's with the new broadcaster. So broadcast, what a new partner for that particular game. So I think all of those factors played a role. And on Sunday Night football, he would get 20 million viewers. And on Amazon, they struggled to get ten on a good week. Now, and I wrote all that in my column, I think on Monday and someone sent me a tweet and they're right. They said, you know, if that's the case, you know, Al's doing the game, he's got to suck it up. He's got to give you a great performance. And I see, I don't think Al is as bad as everyone thought. I thought Al, there was a lack of energy during the comeback. But Al Michaels is not a screamer, never has been. If you expecting screaming and yelling, he's not going to do that. And then on the game winning field goal for the Jaguars would hurt out was he was focused on the flag instead of saying it was good. Now, also, was Al hurt by the fact that Tony dungy was in a coma for the whole game and basically. Because if you're working with somebody with zero energy, that might make you flat too, or at least now it shouldn't, but I could understand how that might bring him down a little bit. I'm not trying to give out a pest, but the guy's one of the greatest broadcasters of all time. And now we're going to drag him. Give me a break. NBC's in a really tough spot because they get two playoff games and they only have one broadcast crew for the season. It's not like CBS and Fox where they have 6 cruise each. They have one crew. It's tarika contour. So their problem was not Al. Their problem was 20 dungeons. And here's the thing. And then last year, they had the problem because it was Drew Brees. Who was awful.

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