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He's like i'm gonna fight the winner of anti new ships shaneco and andrew early which is a tough fight regardless of just going about it differently. I think i think also fight. I favor miranda into and i. I'm very curious to these women. Go move on after this. Maverick had the dependence of taking her losses outside of the ufc. She lost victims so they're just as many is on her or as much pressure on her when she added office essentially had the same record and their same age eighty to ninety two one. Twenty four twenty three. So i mean whoever loses it's like it's not catastrophic but it would be worse for barbara may soon barbara hit so hard for one twenty five to when you let when she was fighting grasso. Gaza was clearly the better boxer but every time macy bother lands visibly shook she was like god. Damn this like everyone. One twenty-five she has ko power standing outside of like the champion like android. So but rand. Maverick is super strong as well so loved the fight. Yeah promising any more than a fastball. You know you gotta you gotta have one more duty. She has a atomic bomb and she throws those standing elbows like no one else at one. Twenty five so she can keep his standing call power to anyway. We'll go arabic four corners smarts and why is thrown around to the golden opportunity of putting the people's manifesto on the main car of the pre limb and which fighter of the to has the higher ceiling. So is this is this the quote unquote featured prelims should be. If it's not going to be on the main card. They should have put that as like the preliminary fight to open up. So this is what i don't even like this. I've said this a few times. This whole free limb main card thing. Let's just call it higher low on the car because the pre limb is on. Espn and the main card is on espn. You don't even have to change. The channel is basically just one long card. The only difference is bruce. Buffer makes another announcement at the beginning of the main card. So let's just call it. Ucon vegas thirty one. And it's just one massive card. Should it be higher. Shore maybe higher. Than mickey gaulan and jordan williams darren elkins Derek minter but which do not off the main card. If we're using this main card premium car and kristen said i can not that one. I mean if i rules alcazar linda. I think that it would be better suited on the lower portion. Did i get that right. Is that how you wanna say it now alot earlier in the earlier on the night. I think that'd be better than we can have yawn as in pasta opened up the higher portion of the card. I like that now. Here's what we do. We're any costs. Adrian janas fi. They have a bang fight. Then they're buddies and then in the later half of the card they get the. You have seen penn over to them during dr pepper and eaten during a fistfight. That's great you go like how they did and strikeforce when should finish her fight and they pant over and she's eating a cupcake. You should remember when you wanna be cloudy. And then immediately after went inside next dana white for the the later half of the card great more opportunities for both of these men to get camera time on sitting. Kate side also how many fights is rainy. Cost to have the two three three years to his three fights he's he's to one adriana as i think has a little bit of a brighter prospect but rainy clauses super impressive and well-spoken. What's next dramatic mitchell own. this is a to parkway danpilla on twitter. We're gonna fly through this war and what's extra matt mitterrand. Who of course. Just got him in belvoir. Just up parted ways after his Lost his last loss christian. If you had to pick what's next or matt material maybe try your luck. Npfl i saw someone say bare knuckle fighting out like hell. No i do not wanna see matt material do that but maybe pf oh if you have a shot. Definitely try casey dude. I love that matron bare knuckle fighting. What are you talking about. That'll be great. He's not a takedown. Guy isn't the isn't really have heavy kicks. He just he just throws throws big white punches. I like it bare knuckle. This dude comes back next year for another season after this. Then go for it but other than that. I have no idea where he would go if not bare knuckle. He might might call it a day. He's he's on the wrong side of forty for individual that's on a five fight I know there's no contest somewhere in there. But he hasn't wanna fight his win over roy nelson and even that one if i remember correctly was a majority spiders that right like wasn't like a dominant performance. Bad like i know. A couple of couples vitamin headbutted in the fight and the rest and it obviously affected the fights. But i think for i think for what madrid tone is right now. I'm probably his price tag. I understand delatour making that move so good luck to matt. Metro go outside Marge marias putin asking w. thanks to my go fight go fight in one championship because he can keep all the second half of the question case. Sorry aj mckeever pit bull next week. Aj wins you. The best one forty five in the world know. But i would say..

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