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But broadly speaking, I still believe in this team. Second in the top 25 and one behind the only Houston, it is a team I can very easily see myself picking to go to the final four. But it is on a short list of concerns. One of the concerns is if you can get blown out by Oklahoma, you can lose your second round game, even if you're a one seed in the NCAA tournament. And that seems to be on the table for Alabama. Last thing for me on this, Arizona feels like a cousin to Bama in this regard, beat by 15 at a Utah team that's not going to the tournament, got beat by 13 in Tucson by Washington state, got rolled at Oregon back a month plus ago, and then had the weird super weird loss at Stanford last weekend. So Arizona is another one where zona and Bama they're very fun teams to watch. They're among the three to 5 teams that I'm most eager to watch play almost regardless of the opponent. But there is this thing about them where they feel as likely to be playing on the first Monday of April as they do to be getting bumped by an unsuspecting victim in the sweet 16. That's all. I'll tell you who is also a cousin to this Tennessee. Tennessee is similar in the sense that now the Tennessee thinks a little easier to understand. They're great off the great defensively shaky offensively and when you are when there's such a disparity between those two sides of the ball, you're going to run into problems every once in a while. Because though you can hold Alabama at a 59 on a night where Alabama is not playing well, you're not going to pull everybody in the 50s. And so Tennessee right now just to hammer home this point, wins over Kansas, Texas, Alabama. But also losses to Colorado, Florida, Vanderbilt. UT has three wins over teams ranked in the top ten at Ken pom. And 5 losses to teams ranked 40 or 30 lower. At Kim pom. And four losses outside of quadrant one. I tweeted this. Did you say, I don't know if you saw it. If not, we'll trivia time. All right, let's do it. There are only three schools in my top 25 and one right now. With more than three losses outside of quadrant one. I just told you tennis. Just quad one. Outside of everybody else in the top 25 and one has three or fewer losses outside of quadrant one. There are three schools that have more than three losses outside of quadrant one in the top 25 and one. Tennessee is one of them. The other two, let me cheat and just look at your rankings. Is it detailed in your lead? No. Okay. All right, let me look here. Okay, scrolling down. More than three outside of quad one. All right, not Houston. Not Bama. We just talked about them, certainly not Kansas. It is not Purdue. It's not UCLA. You can start outside the top ten because I don't have any any of these teams in the top ten. It ain't Mark Kat. Give

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