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Free non aligned newsradio wic and riverhead abc news now i'm dave packer the death toll is risen to nine killed from the monster nor'easter that slammed the northeast this weekend one of them in sussex county new jersey man coming in contact with a downed power line chief eric danielsson with the and over township police department urging folks have pay attention to road closures due how people still going around that time better posted tang were closed uh they still feel that they can go down the and they're they're for reason power still out to nearly threequarters of a million customers in the northeast growing call for president trump's soninlaw and top adviser jared kushner to leave the white house kushner stripped of his top secret security clearance concerns he may be vulnerable to foreign manipulation after various reports about potential conflicts of interest between kushner's family business and his work at the white house british prime minister theresa may's office says she was on the phone sunday with president trump expressing deep concern about he is threatened trade war with the european union this is abc news all i newsradio traffic slowselling on the life as you know came later mandeville tank no problems past harming fell into the area around i mantilla and on into the cell two coast parkway sunrise highway pretty quiet through surely no problems pass kaprisky airport into hampton days it's pretty quiet through tucker owen watermelon montauk highway find through bridge hampton a little bit of a slate eastbound slow down to ease tempting and 25 that looks a little slow through riverhead this report is brought to you by unbound dot org you can be the difference between a child continuing their trim of education or leaving it behind helped make the future brighter for one child at unbound dot org.

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