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Of a performance from Ben Dickey, blaze bleeds, starring Ben Dickey as blades Foley, the country troubadour who died way before his time. Ethan Hawke directed this movie with so much love. It is lush beautiful. It is a movie that really stays with you of movie that hangs on the moment and. Won the special jury prize for acting for bent Dickey. And I thought this is first time he's ever really acted in a substantial role like this. And it is a terrific film. Ethan Hawke is an amazing director watch US Middle. See? But I I really wanna see it. I love the trailer totally missed it. When it was if it was even in theaters blessing because I did a couple of Cubans with. Okay. Well. Terrific. You got if you've got a screen or send it my way, you know, if you wanna get quoted, I know you fighting get quoted for each me. But you know, I think I am going to get quota for for instant family. So check that out. All right. This is probably the biggest swing on my list. But I want to bring it up because I know that this franchise has a lot of negativity around it right now. And this movie does something so fresh and different and exciting to me that I just wanted an excuse to talk about it again. And overlooked seems like it could be a possibility with all the competition at the box office. So I'm putting it out there again, go see Bumblebee if that franchise has completely lost your interest. Like it did me. This could be one of the most pleasant surprise you experience this year at the movies. I was so shocked by how quickly it won over my heart from the very beginning. Because a lot of the stuff that we've seen involving cyber Tron has completely lost my interest lately the opening sequence of this movie caught me in an instant. And then all of a sudden, you're with Haley Steinfeld as Charlie and that connection between her in Bumblebee is so beautiful and. Pure and all of that emotion enhances the action this to me was the complete package. I agree. I thought Bumblebee was absolute fantastic, everyone, everyone who has seen this movie, everyone that I certainly know they all sit same thing. I'm shocked. What surprise did not expect to like this? Ten some being about Bumblebee, it's so weird. It's deserving. I mean, if you if you like the model the formula of movies like ET bike like the black stallion like the iron giant, this movie follows that novel a girl and her dog type of movie, and it works, and it's funny as a lot of heart, and in the end, of course, it does have the action bumblebees terrific. I will do really well, I think people who have been burned by the last four fantastic for sorry. Four. Wow. How to get on that the last four transformers sequels will find themselves redeemed by Bumblebee, which is not only the best transformers movie since the original from two thousand seven it is by far the best overall. And it's not just the great transformers movie a great movie period. Jeff mex- movie on my list, sisters brothers. Okay. Speaking those. Okay. That was one of the DVD cover of sisters brothers..

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