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Goldman Sachs just making money off the retail. Robinhood guys, like, oh, I'm trading on alpha because squawk box said this. Yeah, it was a good chance. Come to a conclusion on Thursday. Okay, Jacob's world. Yes, I've seen, okay, that's a bad way of telling that joke, Jacob, what'd you say is, you know, who's your favorite skateboarder? Oh, God. I mean, I want to say Sean white just because he can do so many different things with Tony Hawk's the goat. Do you ever see his brother skate? Yeah. Yeah. They're really good. All right, Bitcoin price were traces from $25,000 ahead of U.S. FOMC minutes release. Is there a big fall gunman that continuously trying to reclaim that psychological level many times in the last few days, but and it did hit 25 one 26 before it started retracing two lower levels. They witnessed a reversal right from the 200 week moving average, a strong resistance. If the price closes this week above it, that is a massive bullish rally that could start. Interesting. Lee, the same level will fully eliminate bears and bulls will take over the trend. With market sentiment, highly bullish and China reportedly backing Hong Kong to become a crypto hub and several crypto exchanges planning to expand to Hong Kong, Bitcoin prices can likely Riley higher. This makes me think I saw a tweet China bans Bitcoin at 60 K, China opens up Bitcoin at 22. I was going to mention the same thing. You know, and it was like, it seems like they're playing like ten D chess at that point. You know what I mean? They're holding the retail from getting in those all time highs and then open it back up to their market in Hong Kong, their financial hub, right, as we're at the buy zone. It's pretty interesting. Yeah, I would say probably a capable leader, you know? I'm not talking about the guys ethics. You know, I wouldn't trust my wallet around, man. I actually I probably would because he's technically maybe one of the richest people in mankind's history. You know, you won't see that and it won't say that, but when you effectively control the whole country, you kind of just are. They seem capable. As a country, they're the countrymen. They seem capable. And so the fact that they're opening up at the lows, they're banning it at the highs. You know, maybe that's a bullish scenario. I read it as a bullish scenario, maybe you don't have to read it as a bull scenario. Drew to you is that a bullish scenario? I mean, I'd see a massive amount of money in Southeast Asia and the mainland of Asia that's been held back and crypto face says without China's money, we don't get a new all time high. Yeah, and when it comes back, it comes back violently. They've been held back from the asset for some time and you have the media narrative that you can't get it and it's just teenager syndrome. They're going to, they're going to get it. They're going to get it when it's time. All right. All right, Bitcoin dominance reaches critical level. So when altcoin season, so when altcoin season, they shouldn't have had the H there, right? Just go full degen. The dominance measures, the market cap of Bitcoin relative to the total market cap of crypto. If the dominance is rising, it means that the Bitcoin share is increasing. If it's falling, the importance of it is decreasing.

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