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Your breaking news station adler remoulded greg gathered in mexico honda dealers newsday's city of albuquerque and some add officers being sued over the brutal rape and murder of 10yearold victoria martin's last year the albuquerque journal reports the girls maternal grandparents have filed suit claiming police failed to investigate reports of child abuse prior to victory is death there are also asking that epd change its policy in regard to child abuse cases three people including victoria's mother michelle martin's are charged in her death how many officers should the albuquerque police department have the numbers have dwindled in recent years now the city council will consider a proposal to take a close look at the issue which cosponsored by councillor kids sanchez we will have a staffing study on again also to determine what is the number that we should yuma should have as police officers whether it be a thousand one thousand one hundred or one thousand two hundred officers right other about eight had route 25 officers on the 4's the proposal was advanced head of the finance and government operations committee last night with no recommendation it'll be taken up by the full council in midseptember a drop in traffic fatalities in new mexico state department of transportation has there been two hundred thirteen road deaths so far this year a decrease of sixteen percent from the same period a year ago dot cabinet secretary tom church credits part a public awareness campaign on distracted driving trying to get eat all too a relied england effort in all of that is not not appropriate in your car churches dwi fatalities your down twenty nine percent this year president trump today returned to his assessment that there is blame on both sides after being roundly criticized for such comments following the deadly violence last weekend charlotte's vilbert jinya during a an impromptu news conference today trump seemed to undo what he said a day earlier equating the white supremacists on one side with what he called the alde left on the other wall street today the dow was up five points the new sponsored by to mexico honda dealers stop by for great deals today i will remoulded break up thirty four point five fm and am seven seventy news radio kkob mm howard number two and a thick.

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