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I needed a place to get my strength, and my mobility back, and I really just needed to get moving again. Fancy knock says the dance classes helped her arthritis. I was stiff and had difficulty walking and moving around in months. I started taking classes I found that it just improved my mobility to a large extent. Bollywood is just one of the classes offered through regal and lakeside community healthcare. The medical group hosts three hundred different classes, including yoga, Tai Chi, even disco all over LA, orange and riverside counties. The classes are free to the public. Monica Rix, KFI news over more Catholic, priest in Pennsylvania who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two boys has been sentenced to two and a half to fourteen years in prison state attorney general Josh Shapiro says David Lee Poulsen deserved a harsh sentencing for deliberately preying on the boys. Even made one victim. Go to confession. Forgiveness for being sexually assaulted. Polson was one of two priests charged after a Pennsylvania grand jury report named almost three hundred predator priests accused of abusing more than one thousand people over seven decades, SpaceX is launching layoffs cutting ten percent of its roughly six thousand workers saying needs to lean out to succeed in enormous projects like creating an interplanetary spacecraft ambitious projects. Elon Musk's firm says would have bankrupted other organizations SpaceX launch government and commercial satellites into orbit and deliver supplies to the international space station, but the company estimates it will lead billions to build a spaceship capable of sending astronauts to Mars and a satellite system for global internet service. Erin bender KFI news police say twenty one year old man arrested for the kidnapping thirteen year old girl in Wisconsin, and the murder of her parents was looking for her after she escaped Jamie class was taken almost three months ago. Barron county sheriff Chris. Gerald says Jamie got out Thursday when she was alone in her kidnappers house. I know all of you are searching for the answer. Why any of this happened believe me sore? We FitzGerald says it's believed the man had no contact with Jamie or her family prior to the murders and a kidnapping even though the man once worked at the same place as Jamie's parents he was only employed for a day or two though.

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