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Governor says coronavirus cases from recent holiday get togethers are starting to level off in the vaccine program is going as well as expected. But Governor Andrew Cuomo says health officials are also trying to convince folks who don't want to take the vaccine. We're reaching out to communities that have less trust in the vaccine. To have interventions to speak to those communities about the facts of this vaccine and try toe reduce the cynicism and the distrust. Cuomo has asked Visor if the state could buy vaccine directly from the U. S drug maker, But that would require approval from the Department of Health and Human Services and a letter to find your CEO. Cuomo says the state is in a foot race with the virus and will lose. Unless they dramatically increased the number of doses getting to New Yorkers. On Wall Street. U. S markets are closed today in observance of the Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day. This is NPR. This is W when my seat in New York I'm Shawn Carlson, a Staten Island man is the latest person to be arrested on charges related to the violent mob action at the U. S Capitol earlier this month. Law enforcement sources say that 20 year old is or was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Live streamed. The riot to other New York men were also arrested of the weekend. 26 year old Brandon Fellows was arrested on Saturday he had posted a video of himself with his feet on the senator's desk. 25 year old Edward Jacob Lang of Newburgh also posted videos of his own participation. That's according to The New York Times. It included one photo that he had captioned arrest me. FBI did so on Saturday, he's charged with assaulting an officer and other crimes. It's not clear whether any of the men have attorneys federal officials also this week arrested in New Jersey man with secret level security clearance at a Navy base in Monmouth County. York hospitals have been slow to comply with the new trace print transparency ruled that went into effect this month. The federal rule requires hospitals to publicly disclose what they charge for each service. Treatments can.

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