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That i don't know why you would add that baggage to your soft drink other than that. I'll just whatever definition the person i'm talking to wants. It's to use so that's what usually i do. I have a conversation with someone about gun. I usually what do you mean exactly by god and and that's where we usually end the conversation but <hes> i it happened about a an argument for the non existence of god lately well. You can always do that for the god of classical theism you know there are normative normative definitions even within philosophy where you're talking about the greatest possible being or creator god or something that's the omni max whatever <hes> yeah so the god of classical theism and you could certainly come up with arguments against its existence and people done so so what have you got sure so so my argument of i try to lend out <hes> logically i've studied math and logic for awhile <hes> though the argument the structure of our meeting would probably be something like <hes> if there is god and there is no god and then the conclusion would have to be there is no god and i think that's a valid argument <hes> although i will have to prove my premise and if there is a god there or is no dot net okay no now so i will say that <hes> if i understand what you're saying correctly you're not wrong the way it's phrased the first premise would be first of all you do you need do purposes for syllogism essentially but the first premise would be contradictory trajectory and so i worry that there is an equivocation fallacy between the two because i can safely say if there is god. There's no god <hes> you're you're assuming coming. There is a god and rhodesia. There's not a god so you end up with the rough equivalent of like the wires paradox us like a can. I be like you'll have non contr- then and not a is not about premise. I see so let me just try to clarify that up on someone's getting my my premise would be logically speaking something like if key then not key which is already a problem.

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