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To obtain ten thousand powers by april to bring home a crime biting kitty to the city of troy sergeant meghan leman says the department is off to a great start pure aiming or by april showed me that mean abel ferdinand were on directive aimed at helping you with the moment him we have so far the choi police department has almost seven thousand followers and his feet on excited elizabeth crenshaw wjr news pretty soon would you like fries with that will become obsolete a church green kiosk allows customers at this mcdonald's to order without talking to an employee jennifer you fox of hazel park was asked if that's a little strange ya it kinda it is it's like you so used to like talking to them and like telling them you're like order and everything but now it's like you can just hurry up click if you buttons and them bam you have your order the key us takes credit cards or you can pay it pickup older customers that we talk do say they liked the facetoface contact but younger ones say the new kiosk his cool in royal oak ken rogulski kwjr news wjr news time 705 let's check out the law roads here's lena segment no tie types to report just a lot of construction you've got as southbound van dyke at seven mile road right lane is closed the left wing remains open eastbound at michigan avenue between me so now to oakwood lean shift out there right turn lean closed three traffic shifted into this center left turn lane and then over in ann arbor state street heading northbound between and who were the curb lane i should they add hoover approaching who were the curb elaine will be shut down they're trying to put up those permanent of polls until they arrived at traffic signal will the in the lane.

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