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Like Louis and this is ground zero a live stream European the life of me or share it's happening right now it's started about ten minutes ago ten fifteen minutes ago the peak of it has the thing the further east you are the further south you are the better chance you have of seeing it now today just before the sun went down here in Oregon we had a major fire ball explode over Dallas Oregon so that was that was our little welcome from the from the sky huge fireball scene over Dallas Oregon in Polk County and we put the picture up on the Facebook page at the moment though that the stars are the falling stars should be started happening no other words something else we were seeing flashes of the clouds tonight in some areas some people say it's overcast they can't see it so one of the things is that that as I said earlier in the program that you know if something major happens we will break away but until then enjoy the show while you have the opportunity and and it is going to be a great time for people who can see it in the meantime we got other things are talking about tonight tonight we're talking about virtue signalling added something that many people I don't think he even know exist but it's something that I think a lot of people in America should learn about especially now since we're in the middle of them at a very divisive time of the impeachment hearings the fact we're moving into a time we're going to come and go with family members of thanksgiving it's always nice to have some ammunition to actually notice what virtue signalling is and and how to avoid it but during the thanksgiving holiday one of the things that as a lot of things sparked this conversation I have many things have sparked didn't mostly looking at what be impeach was doing to the the to the people of the United States and also I was alerted to the fact that back you know if you remember back on November seventh we did a show about eleven thousand scientists that signed on to something called the alliance for the sciences basic line to the world of scientists and basically signing on to a petition Sullivan thousand or signing on to a declaration saying there's a climate emergency coming apparently caught the eye of everybody including us we talked about though how we felt it was just a little over the top did understand it why eleven thousand scientists would want to call the population but of course that was in the in the whole dialogue here but apparently found out today that the alliance of world scientists is actually a group from Morgan state university at a document they produced was a fraud alert will it was it was a petition but it wasn't really some imports in very heavy thing it was once again a group of what I call virtue signallers that wanted to create a a study and then say there was a list of signers that basically were signed as in your list of signers in the beginning you see a lot of scientific types of may have signed it but if you throw a dart at the list you'll find that their teachers of foreign languages copy editors enrollment coaches Mickey Mouse sign did also albus Dumbledore's signed it from my hard words so it seems to me that this was not if this was as something that was put together just so that we get it you know once again learned that there is a scientific consensus and that they were all idiots because we don't believe in in climate change and that eleven thousand sites to sign the paper when really they were just random people once again virtue signalling telling people Hey we're better than you are because we know more than you do and we're signing this to let you know that we're behind it one hundred percent and so we have a lot of sweeping unlocked the language to signal how virtuous these people are well circumventing substantive action they did do they didn't do anything but just harm the costs it's no better than updating your status on on Facebook or updating your your stupid hashtags it it does nothing and that's what what virtue signalling as a virtue signalling without a signal or ACT tries to shame you out of something well they passively maintain the very system there that they're basically shaming I mean the end and we were talking a anti far our virtue signallers we have well here's a story I want to share with you is interesting it last spring it was a rather it was a story that was reported out of the bay area there's a story there was a there was a story that was actually in the bay area that they had to basically but what happened was in the bay area had a report out on the on television there was a seven year old ban he was wearing a make a hat MEG a make America great again yes it took place the Palo alto Starbucks a man only identified himself as Victor F. and yeah he was in a Starbucks with this woman was triggered by the mag had initially began calling him a racist and a **** the woman's name was Rebecca Parker Mankey and then she started taking photos of the old guy posting them on our Facebook page saying I'm gonna shame you I'm a you fired from your job and you kicked out of clubs on a March up and down the street saying that you're a **** here's a report I got aids from KPIX channel five in the bay area our top story at five thirty of area woman is out of a job after confronting this man wearing his make America great again half the incident playing out of a Palo alto Starbucks store good evening I'm Elizabeth cuff Veronica dela Cruz is get you right to keep excise Windermere as in Palo alto we spoke with a trump supporter about what exactly happened one check out to both the woman and the man involved in this incident but we were unable to reach the woman she seems nowhere to be found after apparently losing her job nearby but the man apparently still out here walking the streets that's where he found it today you know America still a free country right yeah because a seventy four year old trump supporter who lives in Palo alto you casually went about his business today still sporting the red magga hat that prompted a loud confrontation with the woman at Apollo although Starbucks two days ago this crazy woman came over stark raving at me she turned to the rest of dark Hey everybody hears is racist here he hates brown people is crazy I use a **** and so forth the woman Rebecca Parker Mankey then began taking photos and posting about it on her Facebook saying she was going to shame him get him fired kicked out of clubs in March up and down his street Victor says she left then came back and tried to rival the Starbucks crowd once more Hey again everybody here this racist and so on and then as she wrote in a thing she was disappointed all the people didn't common mob in fact the opposite happened people started harassing Parker make his family and her employer Griffin stringed instruments where she worked as an accountant the store owner decided to fire her after he read her Facebook posts we feel that music is what brings people together and so having someone then making comments that are divisive is just not consistent with our values no one answered the door at Parker make he's home but a female spoke through a closed window saying Rebecca doesn't live here she'd one discuss the issues with me she wanted just to scream about **** and saw Victor wears a yarmulke underneath his maggot had he is Jewish and so to him being called a **** is hurtful people with an education should know better than to say stupid things like that lots of people come up to me and said they sympathize and so on but they're scared where the trump hat so I hope this incident brings a wave of people wearing the trump hats just like the way the people with the anti trump Victor says he has been wearing his maggot had for many months now a few people come up to him and say that they agree with him and thank him for wearing it but he says by and large most people just ignore it reporting live in Palo alto lend review this KPIX five and that is what you should do you should just ignore it and the fact that the guy wore wore a yarmulke underneath his happy being called a **** you see this is this is virtue signalling the idea that I'm better than you because I don't wear a mag how you must be a racist you must be this it's very hurtful no matter any that the woman was relentless and was hoping that she would get support from others and they didn't give a tour no one cared only her boss the woman was fired because her company said that they support diversity and her actions did not reflect the company's values virtue signallers love to use cheap talk in order to make their points and I believe that we should expose cheap talk in order to curtail it what is cheap talk with regards virtual did this virtue signalling well they are signals that are cheap they are signals that are quick and easy to fake and they aren't accurate cues of underlying traits or values when partisans on social media talk about political virtue signalling by the other side they usually refer to this sort of thing as cheap talk virtue signalling is cheap talk it includes bumper stickers yard signs social media posts dating app profiles it's cheap talk the main pressure the keep cheap talk goddesses social the cost of stigma and ostracism by people who don't agree with your signal wearing a make America great again hat doesn't cost much money but it can cost you a friendship and that is not supposed to happen it may cost you an invite to the thanksgiving gathering for what what reason would they well of course virtue signalling exactly what it's about tell you more about that coming up eight.

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