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The smallest mark your smallest is the accent or like eleven down there okay here's one more thing here's what blows me 'cause i shopped them by the way people hold on how a short line four or five grand high on the same i gotta tell people i swear to god he got no special positive of this conversation i know okay i just want to do this what's going on gary yeah man what's happening about three weeks ago i rented a uhaul trailer from one of those independent places yeah and the guy didn't tighten the trailer on my hitch and on the way home the trailer came off they will offer the road but the trailer tom went under my vehicle and hit the exhaust fifty forward i'm not sure that wasn't your response if they hooked it up and took that responsibility there it's going to be cloudy it could be their problem we're back you talk to the guy and he said did you buy the uhaul insurance and i know you are insurance is not commercial vehicle it covers the trailer and the content was the trailer damaged trailer was not damaged okay so would your insurance company pay i'm just curious if yours will well there's only one hundred thirty dollars to fix the exhaust and they're crazy if they don't pay that does the guy admit he hooked it up yes well then what stay uhhuh oh come up come on one hundred thirty dollars what are they saying then i didn't buy the insurance too bad they did they admit they hooked it up what dealer is ridiculous it's place caused affordable used furniture at eighty six and i seventy six and they do they you hall yeah they have a lot of you haul stuff there you your day or they're in small little places everywhere yeah but if you think about it that's smart business model they sell furniture and then they can rent you the challenges i just wanted to know if it's worth pursuing in small claims i think you'll win i do personally if if if they admit that they hooked it up and you did nothing but drive home how could they not be responsible and he's only asking for one hundred and thirty i mean if.

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