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Anyway. The the barbecue business is different in that. It's a oh. I wouldn't be so simple as to say nine to five job but it's not that constant weekend commit get weekend off or if the weekend is now i mix business with pleasure. We have a lot of our eq- events that we go to getting ready to go to saint. Simon island air later this month and then going to kansas city for an event We just came back from orlando florida all of these events where people are celebrating barbecue now. Fine and it's almost like mixing business with pleasure. It's amazing you've you've built a business where you can make a bigger impact than you could as a single restaurant. you literally. Your tagline of your company is we. We want you to barbecue at your best. Your enable lane. Someone like me in san diego that we're not known for having great barbecue on the west coast but because of the equipment that you provide us with were allowed to build a business and utilize that in a way that allows us to make a bigger impact. We can start a barbecue. Podcast we can make barbecue. Content and somebody in new zealand concede that somebody in united kingdom can see that. It's it's very exciting for us to be apart of this barbecue community that's global barbecue community. I'm so delighted that to have you part of this community and you've got a beautiful future because it by using the internet technology using different media and so forth a the world is is a year oyster. I i appreciate that. And that's the thing that excites us. The most is when we have partners like old hickory or toast is our point of sale company. I mean the the the imprint. That toast has on the united states. Market it's significant. We're talking about twenty six thousand restaurant tours where they're utilizing this technology to become a digital first restaurant you guys you ship. All hickory pits all over the globe. Is that correct. Yes would which mark look market accomplishment. Now that's congratulations on. Well thank you but but those are our partners you know in the and that's the fighting part. Is that no longer. Is it just a vendor relationship of vendor partnership now because of social media we can tell the story of the impact of our vendor partners that it has on our business which helps our partners sell more of what they do because if it helps me as a barbecue restaurant on her. It's certainly going to help somebody over in australia if they want to get a barbecue pit. What which pit do you think. I'm going to recommend tehran. It it's going to be an all hickory pit so when when was the win was the so you go from a restaurant so to a pit manufacturer. When did you sell your first pit. And what was that experience like. Let's say i bent good rate. Now you give me a math test here. I'm going to say not the year but more of the experience. Like i. I'm looking for more of you know when you knew that this could actually become a legitimate business where somebody bought the pit or multiple people started asking you. Hey dave can you make me a pitt for my restaurant. Sure enough well. We sold Few within a reasonable range of cape gherardo this guy people that we knew and said hey try this and they liked it and so it became very apparent. There was a need because everybody was having the same problem of the fires in control and the waste The consumption of wood shrinking on me. Everybody was having the same problems so it was pretty easy to figure that that That's what marketing during this one up here But the Threw me off Anyway that it was over a period of time that we somebody says some one restaurant owner says dave. Can you make me hit the restaurant owner hears about it and then they go. Dave can you make me another way. Went door to door really so you started. Wow where were you. Where is it. Actually you going door to door. Of course with a car attracted it can have votes. that's great but anyway one late buffets Was to go to a trade show okay and we went to a trade show at oklahoma city and we just happened to run into a pizza company that was getting out of pizza and they wanted to do barbecue and It was called pizza planet. And i don't know what the competition was or whatever but they just wanted to do something fresh and new and so they started a company called Crooked smoke house we so a bit delivered it all set up in. we didn't even get back to missouri. They're trying to call us. Okay yes we need. I'll really they last. How many how many employees did you have at that point the depth by just to you got to build these bits faster go start somewhere gotten works menendez shop there elbing that so tastic so how. How many employees do you have now. between forty fifty in between forty and fifty and still. Have you still have both locations or have you moved out of the all those locations. But we've moved all the manufacturing out it to stability by the airport. Okay perfect road and in fact. Our offices still downtown eventually. We'll move those out there. While i'm doing development on the riverfront the rest of the riverfront this two blocks from the restaurant and To fill the gap between historic downtown in the casino. That was another side project at yet. Did you did the casino up here extra extra time or something. Tell me about the casino project. I didn't know you were part of that. Yeah have you no. Why would you wanna casino. I said well the same reason machine. I'm joey rob might. That's where the money you the one hundred percent. Yeah we opened. A sports by much would prefer sportsbook than a sports bar. Yeah one hundred percent. How did you get a casino belt. Passionate harder to build the barbecue business or the casino. Well actually the barbecue business was more complicated than anything. This in a manner of speaking came to me rather than me going up it cow. I was in my office. One day to gentlemen came in and wanted to sit down and talk and okay. What and they were interested in a piece of property and it was a building up the street from where where the offense is now and come to find out they. This is when the very beginning of riverboat gambling.

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