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Saint Louis. Cable ex news time is seven twelve. The managers of the police department public safety director Jimmy Edwards says he's against the idea of calling in the national guard guest on the Mark and show Edwards was asked about the four. Thousand dollar pay gap between starting salaries of city and county officers. Well, I would love to be close to pay gap. But our officers into city of Saint Louis or committed and there is not withstanding. The the could get Edward says deploying the national guard would militarize north Saint Louis, and that would be unacceptable. Meanwhile, the police union isn't happy to hear an alderman wants to call in the national guard. Jeff Rawda with the Saint Louis police officers association says alderman Bosley needs to do his job and pass a Bill to get police raises or says the department is one hundred twenty eight officer short because surrounding departments pay more than what the city is offering. So what does the former north side gang banger think of bringing in the national guard? Turbo national goal, I'm Brian Kelly. Al have that part of the story at seven thirty one game. Oh, news time is seven thirteen better. Together says it won't be as bad as you think to municipalities will cry. They'll go bankrupt. Up-to-the city county merger happens better together as Mollie Dwyer told Krief core city council members about the good news for their town. She has a net revenue over expenditure of over five million dollars for three four. She says any sales tax a lot to a specific purpose like parks or trash would stay in place. Even after towns become districts creek or mayor berry glances and fond of that last part. I hate to see good police departments. Krief core has a Khalil credited professional police department. I hate the idea of having that folded into a large municipal police department recognizes the region has issues, but once a more grassroots solution and no statewide vote Krief core invited both sides of the merger debate to answer questions from the city council. Michael Calhoun, NewsRadio eleven twenty kmox..

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