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Scream He's back, on the Mark Levin radio show John, Solomon? Of the hill newspaper how are you sir I'm doing well Mark good. To be with, you Thank you all right let's walk through this slowly if we will the other day you have a factual newsworthy information of a. Connection between a high ranking government official Christopher Steele the British spy involved in the dossier and paid. Through? A fusion GPS by the Hillary. Clinton DNC right as? Well as a, Russian. Oligarch what's going on here Yeah no it's it's an extraordinary. Set of circumstances so let's set the table Christopher Steele the British at my six agent by his, own? Admission came to America to try. To defeat Donald Trump He gets hired by fusion. GPS which is the opposition research form. Paid for firm paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee also trying to beat Donald Trump Somehow he managed. To land with the FBI and become. An informant even though he's paid by the DNC the Clinton campaign to dig up dirt in the middle of election he's his work the dossier becomes, the foundation of Russia collusion case still unproven against Donald Trump at the FBI gets fired by the FBI for leaking to the media just before the end of the election and then we learn now today from these notes are over this week, from the notes I gathered that what the what the FBI and the Justice department set up was when when steel got fired for his misdeeds, they just had this guy Bruce senior Justice official reporting to the deputy attorney general Bob. Administation and or would meet with steel or would meet with Glenn Simpson his boss, and they would take the information that they weren't supposed to be giving the FBI directly they bartered it, through or or would send it onto the FBI and it's a it's a complete end Rhonda around the Pfizer court rules around the way Taliban says army gathered, and it's another sign that the Trump collusion case was not handled like a normal counterintelligence case it was handled like a political opposition research project inside the FBI and that's what these no Chelsea show the bio tales that are being told they, show how little was actually factually corroborated and they show Bruce OR who by the way his wife worked for fusion GPS on the Trump research, project she's getting paid by the very person he's interviewing and then sending the information to. To the FBI the FBI professional I have talked to call me this is one, of the biggest spaces they've ever seen in the counterintelligence investigation and bikes And then there's this Russian oligarch what's that all about there is so always President Trump recently sanctioned remember Trump is supposed to be soft on Russia but he thinks the Russians. But Oliveira pastas are more complicated, figure than most. Russians who've been sanctioned the here's why earlier this year I I reported disclosed he was a tenure acid of the FBI the FBI and counterintelligence matters including going to ran in trying to. Rescue and f. b. i. agent. Who had been captured. By the Iranian mollahs he was working, for the FBI he was a friendly. He had been banned from the country but. The FBI found him so helpful they, allowed him in secretly for the country they came up. With his work around and so he's. A very valuable asset to the FBI and I also believe there's. Some indications he was useful because the CIA At the beginning of the. Trump campaign September two thousand fifteen Christopher Steele the British I am I six agent who's gonna to become the researcher reaches out to der pasta and. Tries to co op him and offers his services on research I'll do some research, but his real motive as we learn from, Bruce yours. Notes brutal wars monitoring this after by the way very unusual the Justice department is monitoring a British agent trying to get in touch with. A Russian national who might have some dirt on Donald Trump they the real reason that Christopher Steele wanted to be talking to this Russian oligarch is he thought he knew something bad about Paul Manafort Paul Manafort was the. Guy that was almost certainly gonna show up in the twenty sixteen election has a Republican ultimate turned out to be President. Trump's temporary campaign chairman and they're pumping him for Paul Manafort here's why all the pasta sued Paul Manafort for defrauding. A d'oro Pasquale. Alleged that Manafort took some money from it never repaid it walked off with it and it was fraud and very early on in the early Days right after Donald Trump won his first debate in the fall of twenty fifteen there. Is Christopher Steele. And Bruce or monitoring, it trying to pump a Russian so we talk about the And we say oh that we hear some Democrats in hysterical journalists on TV, that is a conspiracy to collude with a foreign, national to affect our election we'll do think. About this the i. acid being paid by Hillary. Clinton tries to collude with the Russian national get dirt on, Donald Trump or his campaign chairman and nobody seems to be upset about that and that's what we're in, my reporting Derek Hoskins he's got some bad things about the good things about. Him but he's very friendly to the United States according to the FBI people I've talked to and yet very is. Being targeted by five for Hillary Clinton and and now the Justice department so. That's what we've learned there Absolutely incredible absolutely incredible and by the way. The Jim Acosta break this story I don't. Believe, so hey Jim Acosta. Broken. Any. Of these stories about, that I recall no you have I assume you'll be invited to, Stephen? Colbert show, to explain. What. Freedom of the press actually means now you have a breaking story tomorrow right John Solomon I do yeah so one of the things that I got in this tranche, of documents I've been going through the last, few weeks are the handwritten on the day that Glenn Simpson the founder of fusion GPS. Christopher Steele boss the man who was directly being paid by Hillary Clinton's campaign. And the Democratic National Committee former Wall Street Journal reporter gets debriefed by Bruce or the same Justice efficient we were just talking about a month after the election and these had, written notes are eye-popping for many wait a minute who is depressing whom Russo r. the, Justice department official who is secretly the conduit between the FBI in this whole. Democratic opposition research operation Bruce or with Glenn Simpson and. Debris from about things. They've, learned, since the. Election so let me let me? Just explain. To, the public You have a government a senior government official Yeah using information he has gleaned as a senior government official briefing the head of a private, opposition research organization around Bruce or. Trying. To get. Dirt from Glenn Simpson okay so he's trying to get information from the opposition research right go ahead By the way to look at this. As Hillary Clinton's campaign is still the, gift that keeps on giving even after the electric because here is Glenn Simpson taking stop you were still digging up Donald Trump still trying to prove the dossier is true even though it remains uncorroborated two years later. And he's feeding it to. Bruce or the reason they have to do this is a few days earlier of a month earlier Christopher Steele just got fired you got fired from the FBI because he's leaked to the. News media and the final days of the election that there was an FBI probe of Trump's trying to swing the election night while this conversation with gunships. Is that we're gonna write about tomorrow is popping for. A lot of reasons why people are gonna look at these handwritten notes they're gonna compare it to punch Simpson's testimony to congress they're going to go take a look at, what the Justice department knew about the flaws and the taste and the political. Motives or what was being? Expressed in this meaning and they're gonna look. And say that any of that gets to the. Court did they tell the truth I think people. Are. Going to be surprised I'll give you one kid because, it's? So delicious Hold on John Salman literally we're almost at a time I need to carry over the bottom won't take long and you stick with us I would be, glad to all right let's I want to hear your tidbit and I playing. Games with audience.

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