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They. Hello and welcome to your art sucks upon cast that continues to fight against mediocrity in all forms of art. My name is Trevor Stoddard and this is at the sewed five poisonous love Francis Bacon and Pablo Picasso. In this episode, we will look at the troubling lives of these artists to uncover the abusive and deadly relationships that impacted their lives and the lives of those. They loved this is going to be a bit of a disturbing show. So please take note. Some of the content in episode may be hard to listen to, but we want to ensure you that there will be a lot to take from these artists that we can use our own processes and more importantly in our own lives. So let's begin in the previous episode against odds I talked about Christie Brown and how the supposed love of his life. Mary car may have led to his physical decline and premature death. Christy's brother is quoted as saying, Christie loved her, but it wasn't reciprocated because she wasn't that type of person. If she loved him. Like she says, she did. She wouldn't have had a fares with both men and women. I feel she took advantage of him in more ways than one. Now, this is a one sided opinion of relative who was rightly so impacted by Christie's death. But we need to know, is that do neglect, Christie die from choking on his dinner. It was a terrible in for someone so full of life and with many years of gifts still yet to give in that same episode. I also mentioned that the movie about, Christie, my left foot ended on a very high note with the portrayal of Christy and Mary as a couple deep in love all seem roses, and then the credits rolled the reality, sadly, we know was not the fairytale ending. We all long for and this reality got me to think. About artists and relationships. Specifically, it had me wondering if there were artists who were negatively impacted by those that claim to love them or who they claim to love. Surprisingly, there account cases of musicians, authors or actors who've been manipulated or abused or had their careers derailed by jealous overbearing partners. But as we will hear in this episode, this cuts both ways artists have also been the one who dispense talks ity to anyone within arm's reach and the more successful the artist, the more we hear of the Rune lives that they've left in their wake from the instances I've read, it would be a fascinating movie if not for the real lives were destroyed. The reality is such pain and suffering is much more depressing while this episode will be one that may be haunting. I know each of us have experienced relationships, whether from family friends or potential partners. That have caused us much grief or distress pending on how deeply rooted the pain is. There are a few of us who would not channel this baggage into our work. It is for most artists a false source of creative energy. This may seem cliche to some of you, but his painfully obvious that too many artists rely on negative love to spur them to create works, overflowing with emotion enforce. I'm going to cover this in more detail at the end of the episode, but a wanted to stay. Now that any artist who thrives off negativity further inspiration, anyone who uses others drains, their energy to supplement their own will only end up void of creativity. Such vampirism is a one way stream in one such dream dries up. It leaves the artist vacant and vacuous think this is personally, well, how about we begin looking at the unsettling life of our first artists Irish-born figurative painter, Francis Bacon, born.

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