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From seven to nine the full minds are open at four 9'0 fifty eight vivian these these though ray appleton show there has been some sporadic litigation over the years some girls and their families have seized but this chain is not coming about as the result of the loss it the tension ear instead appears to exist between the boy scouts and the girl scouts whichever until now largely left each other alone well that is cbs news legal analyst andrew cohen this is not parent litigation this is the boy scouts in the girl scouts picking each other's wings off does that make any difference in how you evaluate this fertile lot of folks talk about the theoretical danger of young ladies alone tight with boys in the woods but i personal we don't subscribe to that vein of paranoia uh if you've got a kid involved scouting you should be there too and sometimes you can't be but as far as outing moms daughters an all of that involved but it's it's not the alone at night in the woods with a bunch of young boys that that concerns me the truthfully what concerns me is the lost opportunity for young men to interact with grown man and to interact with each other in a way that enables them to better understand what their budding masculinity is figure out how to be a dude dan to play devil's advocate against that position is it part of figuring out how to be a dude figuring out how to deal with girls isn't there a time for that to four no fifty a fifty eight is our number eight hundred seven.

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