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Tide blasted over and through a rock levee, 6 people had to be rescued from flooded homes, Goodall tells the Herald he's never seen this combination of events in 40 years of working on and around the nooks act. The report says the Army Corps of engineers expects to complete levy repairs this week. Corwin hake, northwest, news radio. Did I say council members colleagues bully her into quitting the long view daily news reports that Jennifer Rowland resigned from the Woodland Washington city council, telling the mayor in her resignation letter that other city council members would quote interrupt me, roll their eyes, dismiss me, Roland had been in office for nearly a year. The daily news reports that while running for office, she received negative attention for comments that she made on her personal Facebook page that showcased her more progressive values. What's believed to be the last legal roadblock in the plant merger of Albertsons and Kroger will now be heard by Supreme Court Justices a month earlier than expected. Northwest news radio's Brian Calvert has more. Attorneys general from several states of all issued challenges of a $4 billion dividend payout to albertson's shareholders, part of the planned merger with Kroger, and most of those challenges haven't held up in court. Washington's challenge may be the last hope in delaying the big merger. Washington attorney general bob Ferguson challenged the payout saying it would mean stores wouldn't be stocked or staffed adequately. That's a big deal since Albertsons and Safeway and Kroger make up the majority of grocery stores around here. Ferguson's challenge so far has fallen on deaf ears, a superior court has ruled against him, so he's taking it all the way to the state Supreme Court, originally scheduled to be heard in February, the case has now been bumped up to January 17th. Brian Calvert, northwest news radio. The Washington state Democratic Party will be getting a new leader, chair, Tina podlodowski says that she will not seek reelection in a statement she says that it is time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders, Washington Democrats will select a new party chair at their state committee meeting, later this month. It's two 40

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