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Resort options. Please visit us Iraqi gorge vet dot com. Good morning. It's 10, 18 traffic and weather on the eighth Serena Kessler and the traffic center. Well, we're mostly cleared out on the outer loop of the Beltway before Route one in college Park. Everything moved over to the left shoulder, said just a brief tapping the brakes there, But the travel lanes themselves are open outer loop near Georgia. There'd been a shovel reported along the right side. So keep an eye out for that, while in Maryland on to 70 south bound after 109, a single lane gets by the work, it's usually the right lane that gets you by eastbound span of the Bay Bridge, the right Lane to blocked with the cones in the westbound span is running two way traffic generals highway A Belvoir Farms road under police direction for the crash was eastbound 4 10 year bell Chris Road was a report of a wreck and also one of the Sykesville area. 32 between 99. I 70 watch for response North bound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. The mobile work crew looks to be after the Good luck road overpass. They're in the right lane. They're doing some tree work. They're gonna head all the way to 1 98. They'll call it a day around noon time, so just keep an eye out for them. Not sure if they'll have time to turn around. And in the South bound direction in Virginia, north out 3 95 year glee but road you're under police direction for a broken down truck. North bound 20 before Sterling Boulevard. You were staying right to get by the debris and North bound gallows road near the Beltway was a report of a crash in the district. North bound, easy to 95 delays in the 11th Street bridge, passing Pennsylvania Avenue due to the work and north bound I to 95 heavy toward Malcolm X Avenue that work usually along the left side. Ledo Pizza is square because Ledo Pizza never cuts corners, Ledo Pizza has been a local fame. 1955 order online at ledo pizza dot com. I'm reading Kessler. W T o P. Traffic. All right, Let's see what's happening. Lauren Rick, it's It's a little colder today than it was over the weekend. Just a little colder. You're absolutely right. Those temperatures air in the.

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