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Mainly prosperous for the super rich all of these people that are homeless or destitute or as I say living in their sister's basement or not tuned it in any of this survey Sir not told they don't vote because it often do not have a home or a location which to be registered I am saying put people on the air this year make sure you vote this year make sure that they are not urging you from the voter rolls which is a disastrous occurrence it's going on nationally recently two hundred and fifty thousand people were purged from the Wisconsin voter roll these legitimate voters yeah one of my friends who work which established there had lived there for three years and found out she was hurt GM's to be a college professor the HTC was he created and people there in her town she went down and found that she was perched so she'd notified everybody else to go down there and make sure they weren't purchase rat there is then this is the end cycle of a cycle of mass manipulation by the giant banks the giant corporations it's been going on for a long time the ills of the crash of two thousand and eight were not corrected we haven't been allowed to have a healthy correction it in these markets and I think that we're gonna have extreme the extremes going back and forth up and down and up and down and everything and by the end of the year well no we're entering a recessionary economy the more important and that we have to create a whole new economic paradigm because the yeah I think of my prediction is in the twenty twenty not necessarily in this year but the decade coming out we will have to reform of the international monetary system by creating an international reserve currency no longer the dollar yeah and it may be an all digital currency take us chain technology I don't like all digital Linda that's dangerous isn't it I don't like it either George I am a get the blockchain is the least pack up all of that in the pay as you know that was behind bit coin as tell they've been hacked so they've been hacked your last taxable than other things I am deeply disturbed by their but I think that's the direction that things are going to go win because just to Jupiter Saturn junction goes forward in a query as an all digital society I mean most people are charging dock on their cell phones already I mean it the fact that that we're going digital with this is really this is already started to happen and will at some point in the next several years probably become a policy now that sovereign nations but don't like the idea of a one currency but the dollars she knows it's nineteen forty four has been the global currency sovereign nations are probably fight among themselves about having a global currency up but I think eventually in the twenty twenty that's going to happen now and I also feel that we're going to teach the ticket counter once it goes into recession into real trouble and debt by debt that stick as I call it I think we're good at many people think we're going to be replaced by robots and computers and of course already that is taking place that will take place but human beings have imagination creativity and they have soul and we had capabilities that simply go beyond the machines that we create they're here to help us not replace that and I feel that we're going to create new economic models and a lot of it is going to be bass is one of your previous guest at about rebuilding infrastructure and heavy and environmental rescue a consummate across the world and thinking about that focus on coast to coast before in my newsletters about something that is not broadly discussed in its hydrogen boron nuclear fusion which I believe will have an infrastructure and be on line by twenty twenty six this will end the age of the fossil fuel thank Christ all of the oil economies which are central and South America all the nations of the Middle East and Russia Russia does doesn't have in the economy other other than oil so this is going to be a big problem for nations that do not transform their economies.

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