Donald Trump, Jodi Hamilton, Joe Hamilton discussed on Stephanie Miller


How many live witnesses pre tape interviews with figures that include Trump family members previously unseen video footage They were saying that that might be really damning for Trump because they have this they want to lionize themselves That's all the leaks are always about how they did all the good things that saved us from even worse And so I mean if they're going to make themselves look better I think they're going to you know by virtue of that throw him under the bus Absolutely Maybe got me coffee once Don't remember Well Kushner wasn't even in the country at the time So he's like yeah I'm busy Over in Saudi Arabia Yeah Yeah What a weasel So we mentioned this yesterday the former ex ABC News president is going to help them March This is good right Smart smart smart daughter of producer Jodi Hamilton TV producer Joe Hamilton was a TV program He plans to make it raw enough so that skeptical journalists will find the material fresh and chew over disclosures in future coverage I love that we have to try to make the overthrow of the United States government a show Conspiracy But how do we make this more interesting If we if that's what we have to do let's do it He wanted to draw the eyeballs of Americans who haven't followed the ins and outs of the capitol riot program This is most people And Republicans are expected to try counter programming which in this case means flies They want to counter program the facts with just lies and look over there right It's like the memo that leaked about guns Jodie that just says don't talk about gums Talk about inflation Yeah Just some weight This will I swear to God are people tired of them treating us like toddlers having a tantrum Like oh just wait No calm down After just wait to let it They'll be fine It's like I think we're ready to collectively say you There are too many massacres which is like you know yeah don't worry there'll be another one if you think we're gonna calm down after this one and just go and they just think we're gonna go back to business as normal right And so is it patronizing a contra sending of course I don't know I'm just a girl Condescending He can mansplain it to you later Yeah yeah Don't worry little lady September pretty stuff Is this where's this A constant drip of information about Trump and his involvement in the January 6th insurrection looks to turn into a flood when the hearings kick off Thursday with three witnesses linked to Pence poised to testify first for maximum effect Yeah Oh should I get this right There are judges I.

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